Get to know the husband & wife duo bringing a NEW Half Shell Oyster House to Pelham


Half Shell Oyster House
Meet Will and Erin Middleton. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Birmingham foodies, this one’s for you. A brand-new Half Shell Oyster House is coming to Campus No. 124 in Pelham this summer. We got the inside scoop on the best dishes and what it’s like to work there from Will and Erin Middleton, the husband-and-wife duo already managing other locations in Birmingham. Let’s dive in.

Coming soon to Pelham: Half Shell Oyster House

If you’re a seafood fan, chances are you’ve tried Half Shell Oyster House. The Mississippi-based restaurant has two current locations in Birmingham, one in Lakeview and one in Trussville, and in less than a month, they’ll open a NEW Half Shell Oyster House in Pelham.

“The community of Pelham will love the atmosphere Half Shell Oyster House brings. Our main focus is great customer service coupled with amazing and consistent food.”

Erin Middleton, Manager, Half Shell Oyster House—Trussville
Half Shell Oyster House
Finish it all off with something sweet. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

As with the other two Birmingham locations, this restaurant will have delicious menu items for everyone, even if you aren’t a fan of seafood. I may or may not be speaking from experience.

“It’s like walking the streets of your hometown, then opening our doors and stepping into the French Quarter! We have old doors and shutters on the walls, constant flames from the oyster grill, wrought-iron railings, brick and oyster shells on the walls, Jazz and Cajun music playing, antique chandeliers and so much more. We have something for everyone. You can get seafood, oysters, a ribeye or filet, pasta dishes, sandwiches or po’boys, just to name a few.”

Will Middleton, Manager, Half Shell Oyster House—Lakeview

The new Pelham Half Shell Oyster House opens this June.

Plus, Half Shell Oyster House isn’t just a great place to eat—it’s also a fantastic place to work. Just take it from Will and Erin Middleton.

Meet Will & Erin Middleton, Half Shell Oyster House managers

Will and Erin Middleton
Will and Erin Middleton in Half Shell Oyster House—Lakeview. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Will and Erin Middleton met while working in Jo’s Diner in Mississippi. Erin eventually went to work at Half Shell, and after a short time, she convinced Will to join her.

“Most people say they can’t work with their significant other, but for Will and me, we make each other better. Yes, of course, there is competition between us, but we help each other reach our goals and lean on each other in times of need (with lots of daily phone calls). He is truly the best partner in life and work I could ask for.”

Erin Middleton, Manager, Half Shell Oyster House—Trussville

Their relationship has clearly flourished, but what about their careers?

Erin started in 2016 as a server and was quickly promoted to bartender and then hourly key. After serving in these positions in the Flowood, Mississippi location, she became the assistant general manager in Lakeview, and in a few short months became Trussville’s general manager.

Will’s also seen tons of growth while working at Half Shell. After starting in the kitchen in the Flowood, Mississippi location, he became the assistant kitchen manager and kitchen manager. Now, he serves as the general manager at the Lakeview location. Plus, he’ll be the general manager of the new Pelham location!

  • Will’s Half Shell menu favorite: Redfish Orleans — blackened redfish with five gulf shrimp, lump crabmeat, parmesan cheese + smoky Cajun butter sauce (Orleans sauce)
  • Erin’s Half Shell menu favorite: Ribeye — ribeye topped with their signature Orleans sauce + shrimp

Ready to find a job at Half Shell Oyster House? Check out their available jobs + learn about their benefits.

Build your dream career

Half Shell Oyster House
Like stepping into the French Quarter… in Pelham! (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

If you’ve paid attention to the job market recently, you probably know there are tons of open positions. Half Shell Oyster House has jobs available, but it’s more than that—when you work at Half Shell, you can begin your career.

“Half Shell loves to promote from within. I have watched several cooks, bartenders and servers move into management roles. Those looking for career advancement in the restaurant/hospitality industry should really look no further.”

Will Middleton, Manager, Half Shell Oyster House—Lakeview

Want to learn more about careers with Half Shell Oyster House… or take a look at the yummy menu? Check out their website, plus follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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