From tuition reimbursement to onsite childcare, these nurses share what they love about their jobs

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Children's of Alabama onsite emergency childcare - benefits of working at Children's of Alabama
One of the sweetest benefits of working at Children’s of Alabama—onsite emergency childcare. (Children’s of Alabama)

Whether you just graduated from school or you’re looking to change your career path, there’s one place in Birmingham that stands out for amazing jobs—Children’s of Alabama. We got the scoop from two Children’s nurses on the unique benefits of working here, from tuition reimbursement to emergency onsite childcare.

Meet Claire + Amanda, 2 Children’s of AL nurses 👏

Near & Dear
These little ones are near and dear to Children’s employees. (Children’s of Alabama)

Claire Fleischauer got her start at Children’s in the burn unit, and even though she didn’t have wound care experience, she was willing to learn. Thanks to the tight-knit staff who encouraged her along the way, she grew in her career. Now she works as a nursing educator to help train new Children’s of Alabama nurses and staff.

Amanda O’Hara, a nurse clinician in the pediatric nephrology department, felt something special at Children’s that she knew she wanted in her future career.

“People genuinely enjoyed working here and being around the patients, so it seemed like the best fit for me.”

Amanda O’Hara, Pediatric Nephrology Nurse Clinician, Children’s of Alabama

We wanted to know the best (and most unique) benefits of working at Children’s of Alabama—aside from their medical, dental and vision health plans available for employees who work 20+ hours a week.

4 benefits of working at Children’s of Alabama 🌟

1. Tuition reimbursement + assistance

No matter what stage you are in your career, the chance to learn more and add to your education is always a good idea. One of the most invaluable benefits of working at Children’s of Alabama is tuition reimbursement for part-time benefit eligible employees and full-time employees after one year of service. Plus, if you’re pursuing a targeted degree program, Children’s offers tuition assistance.

“In the stage I am professionally, I am getting my Master’s in Nursing Leadership. Children’s gives me tuition assistance to help me pay for school so I can further my education, which is awesome. It’s been great to help me advance as a nurse.”

Claire Fleischauer, Nurse Educator, Children’s of Alabama

2. Near & Dear onsite childcare

Benefits of working at Children's of Alabama
A look inside Near & Dear. (Children’s of Alabama)

What happens when you need to go to work but your child isn’t able to go to daycare and no one is able to watch them? One of the most helpful benefits of working at Children’s of Alabama for parents is Near & Dear onsite childcare, an on-site center that provides emergency back-up childcare and mildly ill childcare for children from three months to 12 years. Plus, the center is available daily for new parents with infants from six weeks to three months.

“Near & Dear has really been a blessing for me, especially when COVID hit because my daughter’s daycare closed completely and I was still required to work. It was really nice to have the option for Near & Dear so that I could bring her here, and the staff is just fantastic.”

Amanda O’Hara, Pediatric Nephrology Nurse Clinician, Children’s of Alabama

3. Adoption assistance

It’s no secret that adopting is expensive. Children’s provides adoption assistance to financially support employees adopting children. Plus, the Adoption Clinic at Children’s of Alabama is available as a resource for adoptive parents and their children.

4. Fitness discounts + Healthy Strides

No matter where you work, it’s important to prioritize health—both mental and physical. Children’s has wellness benefits like Healthy Strides, a program that gives points for different healthy activities (like reaching your daily step counts or attending events) for employees to spend on different incentives. Children’s also provides an employee discount to multiple local fitness facilities if you prefer your daily movement to come in the form of cycling, boxing or dancing.

Want to find a job with benefits like this? Check out the available careers at Children’s of Alabama today.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits is working with our state’s littlest patients ❤️

Children's of Alabama Near & Dear
Children’s employees have a big heart for little patients. (Children’s of Alabama)

When you ask someone at Children’s for the best benefits of working at Children’s of Alabama, you’ll notice a theme: it’s the children.

“For me, the biggest benefit of working at Children’s of Alabama is just working with the kids and the families. I love pediatrics and child development and getting to work with babies, toddlers, school-aged kids and teenagers. Kids have such a good attitude, and when they’re in the hospital, they try to make it fun.”

Claire Fleischauer, Nurse Educator, Children’s of Alabama

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