See how this Birmingham-based adoption clinic makes a major impact for families like these 2

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Winslett family - Children's adoption clinic
Meet the Winslett family, one of the families impacted by The Adoption Clinic. Photo via Eric Gray for Children’s of Alabama

Did you know there’s an amazing resource for international and national adoption right here in Birmingham? The Adoption Clinic at Children’s of Alabama serves the needs of adoptive parents and their children—get to know two families whose lives have been impacted.

20 years & hundreds of families impacted

The Children’s Adoption Clinic was founded in 2002 to serve the medical, developmental and emotional needs of adoptive parents and their children. Since their founding, they’ve served hundreds of families and worked with children from over 55 countries.

After learning more about adoption clinics and realizing there wasn’t one in the Southeast at the time, Dr. Jennifer Chambers worked to found the Adoption Clinic at Children’s of Alabama.

Now, the Children’s Adoption Clinic offers services for every stage in the adoption journey to provide support to families:

  • Pre-adoption medical review
  • Post adoption clinical evaluations
  • Therapy services
  • Educational adoption seminars

Because the clinic is interdisciplinary, they’re able to provide comprehensive services to assist parents.

“What’s impactful to me is how hard these parents are willing to work. They’ll look ‘hard” in the face and say yes. They’re willing to supply whatever the child needs and go above and beyond to help that child meet their greatest potential.

There’s so much hope there because the parents are willing to fight for their child.”

Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Founder, Children’s of Alabama Adoption Clinic

A full circle moment

The team at the Adoption Clinic is passionate about adoption, and for a few of their staff, they’re able to experience the support of the clinic firsthand.

When adopting twins less than a year old through the Adoption Clinic, Dr. Chambers was able to see just how helpful the clinic is.

“It was really fun to see the clinic on the other side. My staff supported me all the way through that process and them growing up.

Every time I’ve adopted, I’ve learned more about what it feels like from the parent’s perspective.”

Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Founder, Children’s of Alabama Adoption Clinic

Dr. Chambers’ and her family’s involvement with the clinic doesn’t stop there, though. Her oldest daughter volunteered at the clinic! Dr. Chambers adopted her as a pre-teen, and now she’s able to translate and speak Mandarin with children who are first arriving from China. She played with them and reminded them everything would be okay in their native language.

“To see your child smile for the first time is unique.”

Children's adoption clinic
Just look at that smile! Photo via Eric Gray for Children’s of Alabama

Rebecca Winslett and her husband are clients of the Adoption Clinic who discovered it by attending one of their international adoption seminars. When they decided to pursue adoption, they knew the staff at the Adoption Clinic would be there for any needs. From the first point of contact to follow-up visits with physicians and social workers, there hasn’t been a moment where their family was alone.

“The first time we received our little girl’s file, we saw her picture first, and in all of the pictures we saw, she was never smiling. We didn’t actually see her smile until our guide in China sent us a text message of her smiling the night before we met her.”

Rebecca Winslett, Client, Children’s of Alabama Adoption Clinic

The clients of the clinic know that no matter what stage of life they’re in, the team at the Adoption Clinic will be there to support them.

“It’s not just a job. It’s a life calling for all of us that are there, because we live it personally. We love these kids, and the parents have the same goals in mind. It’s a wonderful partnership.”

Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Founder, Children’s of Alabama Adoption Clinic

If you’re interested in pursuing adoption or supporting the work of the Adoption Clinic, find out more about how you can get involved.

Want to learn more about the impact that Children’s of Alabama is making across the Southeast? Learn more on their website and follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for updates.


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