10 Birmingham artists + where to see their stunning work

birmingham artists
Know a Birmingham artist? (L: Julianna Richey; R: Doug Baulos)

Birmingham’s art scene is what makes this city so lovable. From local artists to multiple local exhibitions, you’re bound to find a Birmingham artist you love. Keep reading for 10 reasons why we love Birmingham art.

1. Jamie Bonfiglio

Celebrate the beauty of colorful and vibrant portraits that look good at any angle. Jamie Bonfiglio is an expert at defining angles and lighting that make her work pop.

Find her mural art in the alleyway between 55th street North and 55th place North in the historic Woodlawn neighborhood.

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2. bendy knees design company

Jordy and Levi take art to the streets of Birmingham to share with anyone passing by. Together they created bendy knees design company, a small business that turns blank spaces into vibrant pieces of art.

You can find their work in downtown Birmingham and the Summit.

3. Marcus Fetch

west end mural
Did you know Fetch was the artist behind this mural? (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Over the past four years, Marcus Fetch has captivated the hearts and minds of the community with his murals. As one of the many mural Birmingham artists, Fetch stands out with his interesting incorporation of the mundane and nature in his work.

Find out where all the murals are located in Birmingham by browsing through our directory.

4. Xie Beth Craig

10 Birmingham artists + where to see their stunning work
Behold. (Xie Beth Craig)

A Huntsville transplant and recent UAB Bachelor’s of Fine Arts graduate, Craig experiments with lines and composition that make her art feel alive.

Although the BFA exhibition is over at AEIVA, you can follow her Instagram to keep up with her captivating work.

5. Art by Burx

Brian Burks founded the traveling Punk Rock Art Show, an event that celebrates radical art and music in Birmingham. Catch the next art show at True Story Brewing in Crestwood.

Apart from hosting the Punk Rock Art Show, he also is a Birmingham artist. A lot of his work is inspired by 90s comics, punk rock and the people he meets. Find his work at Birmingham Oddities.

6. Byron Sonnier

local birmingahm artists
A local captivated by Sonnier’s art that was installed at Lowe Mill in Huntsville. (Summer Guffey / Bham Now)

As a Southern Lousiana transplant, Bryon Sonnier finds inspiration for his art through the pervasive Southern religious symbolism, creating his own controversial meaning behind each work.

Catch a glimpse of his most recent captivating pieces at VOX Gallery in Tarrant, opening May 12 from 6-9 PM.

7. Tameca Cole

UAB Tameca Cole
“Locked in a Dark Calm” ©Tameca Cole. (Beau Gustafson)

Art is a way to meditate on yourself and how you engage with the community around you. According to Cole, she found her passion in art through Auburn University’s Alabama Prison Arts and Education Project.

Back in December, Tameca Cole’s art was on display in “Marking Time,” an incredibly moving art exhibition displayed at AEIVA. You can now find her artwork in Nicole R. Fleetwood’s Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration immersive book with other works from the exhibition.

8. Julianna Richey Art

birmingham artists
“Solstice Apologies.” (Julianna Richey Art)

As a Birmingham visual artist, Julianna describes her art as “love letters to life in all forms.” Her art can be known as magical realism, which means she tries to express an experience of the person she paints.

Richey plays the imagery of mythology from meditative and self-exploration. You’ll find that her art will enchant you with its blur lines and shifting edges.

“[This] is true realism for me—the reality of connecting with a subject on multiple levels of the psyche’s perceptive abilities.”

Julianna Richey

9. Ann Trondson

bham artist
day series | 2 (Ann Trondson)

Keep up with Birmingham artist and co-founder of VINEGAR Projects, Ann Trondson, as she documents every day in her “the day series.” This large-scale project takes the mundanity of the circadian week and makes it into inspiring art.

10. Doug Baulos

image asset 10 Birmingham artists + where to see their stunning work
A stunning work of paper. (Doug Baulos)

Doug’s art is a reflective account of their life, spirituality and grief. Their work uses complex layering of materials that transform their ideas into something tangible.

Their art has been featured in various galleries and art exhibits around this country, including Lowe Mill in Huntsville and the online gallery of A Smith Gallery in Texas.

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