3 unique ways to practice yoga in Birmingham including aerial yoga

PC060428 3 unique ways to practice yoga in Birmingham including aerial yoga
No experience necessary! (Head Over Heels)

Want to add a new and exciting workout to your routine that doesn’t feel like work? Try these aerial yoga studios in Birmingham to test out your acrobatic skills. Keep reading to get all the info on these studios.

1. Aero Joe Pilates

aerial yoga in birmingham
Trust the process! (Molly Sinclair Photography)

Conveniently located in Pepper Place, Aero Joe is celebrating ten years in business!

At Aero Joe, you can take private lessons in Pilates Reformer, Mat, Aerial Pilates and Aerial Yoga, from intro to advanced levels. Check their schedule to find a time that best suits you.

Aero Joe also offers offer wellness options for Classical Pilates, Aerial Arts and Manual Therapy (massage and stretch). They want you to enjoy pain-free mobility, so you can live your best life.

One of the aerial instructors was diagnosed with arthritis in her back and finds that through aerial yoga, she can relieve her pain. If that doesn’t inspire you to try it at least once, then I don’t know what will!

  • Location: 2924 3rd Ave South Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Hours: Monday -Thursday 6:30AM-8PM | Friday 6:30AM-3PM | Saturday 8AM-3PM | Sundays by appointment
  • Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Head Over Heels

IMG 7848 3 unique ways to practice yoga in Birmingham including aerial yoga
This is for all ages! (Head Over Heels)

Head Over Heels offers classes for adults and children alike. They even offer an aerial hoop course for those who want to delve deeper into the world of aerial.

They offer youth aerial silks classes for ages 9-15 on Tuesdays at 6:30PM and Sundays at 4PM. Adult classes take place at 5PM on Sundays. Beginners are always welcome!

For Hville readers: Try All Levels Yoga in Huntsville. They offer amazing aerial yoga classes.

3. Paddleboard Yoga

I know that it’s not aerial yoga, but hear me out when I say you should give Paddleboard Yoga a try. Happening every other Saturday, join Yoga Trekking International from 8:15AM-9:45AM at Oak Mountain State Park.

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