Jazz up your workout routine with these 4 aerial yoga studios in Birmingham

aerial yoga via be studio
Hey, Alexa. Play “Chandelier” by Sia. Photo via Be Studio.

Ready to switch up your workout routine? Birmingham is home to several aerial yoga studios where you can test out your acrobatic skills. Don’t let looks fool you—it’s a full-body workout! Check out these 4 local studios that offer aerial silk classes.

Why You Should Give Aerial Yoga a Try

  • No shoes! No skills! No problem!
  • It’s one heck of a core workout.
  • It’s just as effective at burning calories as a traditional cardio workout.
  • There’s zero-impact so it’s easy on the joints.
  • You get the benefits of yoga but with the excitement of flying.

1. Aero Joe

aerial yoga aero joe
Okay, ladies! Now let’s get in formation. Photo via Aero Joe.

Aero Joe is conveniently located in Pepper Place. No matter your skill level, the instructors will have you safely suspended in no time. It’s all about allowing yourself to let go and trust your body.

2. Pura Vida Healing Arts

pura vida healing arts aerial yoga
Photo via Pura Vida Healing Arts Facebook.

The Pura Vida Healing Arts studio aims to guide the mind and nurture your spirit. They offer three aerial silk workshops: Levitation Meditation, Floating Yoga Nidra (Aerial Sleep), and CBD Color Cocoon. Check out their website to learn more

3. Yoga Aims Studio

aerial yoga yoga aims studio
Just hangin’ out. Photo via @yogaaimsstudio on Instagram.

Personally, the yoga mat is my security blanket. However, Yoga Aims Studio ensures that the use of silk hammocks enhances your experience. Those challenging poses you struggle to do on the mat become much easier to practice once you’re suspended.

4. Head Over Heels

head over heels aerial silk
Even the little ones can get involved! Photo via Head Over Heels Gym.

Watch out Cirque du Soleil. Aerial silk is no longer an exclusive type of training for Olympic gymnasts and circus performers. Head Over Heels Gym offers classes to all ages. Get your little acrobat started young or live out your dream of being able to fly.

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