Trussville Social coming soon to new Trussville Entertainment District

Trussville Social
We can’t wait to eat, drink and play in Trussville! (Trussville Social / Facebook)

If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy nights out, head just 20 minutes from downtown Birmingham to the Trussville Entertainment District.

Read how husband and wife duo, Jeremy and Misty Reeves, are bringing more fun to downtown Trussville with gourmet food, drinks and fun all in one place.

Eat, drink and be social

Trussville Social
We can’t wait for these doors to open. (Trussville Social / Facebook)

It’s time to get excited, Trussville. Trussville’s Entertainment District is adding some fun to the area in the form of a local spot to eat, drink and play games. No more post-dinner conversations of “what now?” because the fun is literally at your fingertips.

Owners Jeremy and Misty Reeves are veterans to the restaurant business and have spent their lives traveling and building sports bars. After moving to Trussville from Gadsden in September 2021, they noticed that something was missing from the equation—a place that combines the traditional date night of dinner with fun that can last all night long.

They’re certainly dreaming big when it comes to Trussville Social. Not only are they serving an upscale lunch and dinner but they’re also focusing on Sunday brunch and having a brunch menu that lasts all day. While you’re enjoying those mimosas, play a round of skeeball, cornhole, giant beer pong or shuffleboard.

If you’re also looking to have fun on weekdays, you’ve come to the right place.

“We will have something every day of the week. You know, it could be it could be trivia or it could be bingo. Plus, we’ll have live music at least five nights a week.”

-Jeremy Reeves, Owner, Trussville Social

Full support from the city of Trussville

Trussville Social is set to open by June 1. (Trussville Social / Facebook)

Trussville Social will be enhancing an already vibrant Trussville Entertainment District. Reeves was happy to report that the city was in full support of the new concept and were happy to put Trussville in the growing spotlight.

“They’ve been very welcoming and excited. We’re adding something a little “spice” to what they were already doing. So I believe the community, the mayor, and everybody’s been very supportive”.

-Jeremy Reeves, Owner, Trussville Social

While this place is shaping up to be the perfect date night night spot, make no mistake. It will be family friendly and large group friendly, with separate areas marked off by nice leather couches and tables.

While Trussville Social is joining other new restaurants around it, it sets itself apart by serving a little more upscale fare with menu items including smoked salmon and charcuterie boards—a twist from the Reeves’ typical sports bar menu.

Their goal? For everyone to come out and be a little more social.

Trussville is on a roll

Downtown Trussville. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Trussville has been a hot topic lately. We recently rounded up a list of new businesses coming to Trussville including Walk On’s, Mr. West’s Kitchen and Club4Fitness.

With the recent additions to the entertainment district beginning with Ferus Artisan Ales, Trussville is starting to become a spot to watch.

Be sure to keep up with Trussville Social on Facebook and Instagram for more opening news. We can’t wait to see you out!

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