A tasty trip to Bite, a new neighborhood cafe in Tarrant [Photos]

I happily bit into this tasty Bacon Bourbon Jam Burger with sweet & spicy bacon at Bite today. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Looking for a new place to try a meal that’s as tasty as it is fresh? Check out Bite, Tarrant’s newest cafe—just a short drive from downtown Birmingham. We met with owner Kareemah Harvill to learn more about her new restaurant!

Meet Kareemah Harvill and Bite

Owner Kareemah Harvill inside Bite, a new neighborhood cafe in Tarrant. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Bite is a new eatery in Tarrant owned and operated by Kareemah Harvill.

“For me, cooking goes way back. As a kid, I spent summer weekends at my grandparent’s house shucking corn, snapping peas and learning the basics of how to cook. It became a hobby for me that I really enjoyed! But after I got married and had children, I had less time to perfect it and cooking became a chore.”

Kareemah Harvill

During the pandemic, Kareemah lost her job of ten years. With the extra time on her hands, she rediscovered her love of cooking and began posting her meals on Facebook. Soon, her Facebook friends began asking her to cook private meals! With the newfound popularity, Kareemah and her husband bought a food truck—Big Red—and began serving barbecue to eager customers around Birmingham.

A few months ago, Kareemah and Horace—her husband & business partner—bought a restaurant space in Tarrant for their new eatery, Bite.

“When you get off the interstate here, there aren’t a lot of options for food that aren’t fast food chains. We felt that this space gave us the opportunity to bring something new & fresh to the neighborhood. We want every Bite to have so much flavor and we want our customers to feel that there was some love in the cooking.”

Kareemah Harvill

What should I get at Bite?

I could barely get my mouth around the Bite daily special, the Bacon Bourbon Jam Burger. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Speaking of cooking, what kind of food can you get at Bite? As a locally-owned neighborhood cafe, you can find all of your favorite home-cooked Southern meals with a twist. Here are a few dishes that Kareemah recommends to first-timers.

“Our tacos are very popular. I call them our queso-tacos, because we lightly toast the shells to give it that nice melty-cheese flavor when you bite into it. We have a house-made garlic cream sauce that you dip the tacos in, and it’s just phenomenal.

We’ve had a lot of great feedback on our mozzarella pizzas, too. They’re baked on a naan bread with a garlic crust. I make a home-made pasta sauce and use fresh basil—literally, I have a basil plant that I chop up!”

Kareemah Harvill

Food isn’t the only thing you can get at Bite—the cafe also offers a variety of delicious smoothies!

“I had no intention of making smoothies, but the previous restaurant that was here left behind their smoothie makers. Then, we started getting people who came in looking for smoothies, so we decided to give it a try and it’s because very, very popular. Our Berry Green and Sunrise Cruncher are probably our most requested smoothies!”

Kareemah Harvill

Plan your visit to Bite today!

  • Bite: 205.238.5700 | Email | Facebook
  • Location: 1521 Pinson Valley Parkway, Tarrant City, AL 35217
  • Temporary hours: 11AM to 7PM, Thursday & Friday

Want to give Bite a try? You don’t have to wait until their official opening! Stop by the cafe to grab a bite between 11AM and 7PM on Thursdays and Fridays. Bite will officially open with full operating hours on April 30th!

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