5 charming meat and threes to try in and around Birmingham

meat and threes in tarrant
Grilled or fried? (Blackmon’s Cafe)

Meat and threes are classic Southern combo, and we’ve rounded up ten meat and threes you need to try in and around Birmingham.

1. American Ranch House

american ranch house
Looks cozy. (American Ranch House)

For those who love a classic Southern meat and three, try American Ranch House. Their lunch specials are where it’s at!

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2. Cedar House Cafeteria

When the word cafeteria is in the title, then you know this restaurant is gonna be serving the tastiest dishes. Cedar House Cafeteria is one of the best meat in threes in Tarrant hands down.

3. Blackmon’s Cafe

Look at that cut. (Blackmon’s Cafe)

For some of the best dinner options out there, visit Blackmon’s Cafe. Their mac and cheese and collard greens pair well with any of your fave fried chicken pieces.

4. Bama Hot Dogs

aa 5 charming meat and threes to try in and around Birmingham
This one’s a Weiner! (Bama Hot Dogs)

Although you wouldn’t know from looking at the name, Bama Hot Dogs has classic meat and three dishes. Plus, they have that Southern charm that makes any meat and three great.

5. WINGS PLUS A Whole Lot More

If you’re a fan of chicken entrees, then you’ll want to stop by WINGS PLUS A Whole Lot More—it’s just a short drive from Roebuck!

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