How YPBirmingham helps this personal trainer make new friends + expand his network


Jeordon Dudley, a member of YPBirmingham. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

When Jeordon Dudley moved from Bessemer to a new apartment in the heart of downtown Birmingham last year, he didn’t know a ton of people. Shortly after moving in, he accidentally stumbled upon a YPBirmingham mixer at The Pizitz Food Hall. Five minutes later, Jeordon was a member of YPBirmingham.

We met with Jeordon to see why he joined YPBirmingham and what he loves about being involved. Keep reading to learn more.

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But first, what is YPBirmingham?

YPBirmingham hosts a number of events each month at exciting places in Birmingham, like the gorgeous rooftop at Cortland Vesta. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Not familiar with YPBirmingham? YPBirmingham—which stands for Young Professionals of Birmingham—is a local organization that helps connect young professionals in The Magic City with new places, people and non-profits. As an organization, YPBirmingham has three pillars:

  • Social: YPBirmingham’s monthly socials help support a local non-profit & align with experiences that members want to try, such as eating at a new restaurant or visiting a new bar.
  • Networking: In addition to connecting young professionals with peers in town, YPBirmingham helps members grow their careers through quarterly networking functions.
  • Outreach: YPBirmingham participates in several community outreach events each year, each designed to give members the opportunity to give back to The Magic City.

Whether you’re new to Birmingham, just moving back to The Magic City or a lifelong Birminghamian who’s looking to meet new people & make new friends, YPBirmingham is a great way to expand your network—but don’t take my word for it.

We spoke with Jeordon Dudley to learn what being a member of YPBirmingham is all about.

Here’s why Jeordon Dudley loves being a member of YPBirmingham

Jeordon speaking with other YPBirmingham members at last month’s event at Cortland Vesta. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Originally from Bessemer, Jeordon Dudley has been a certified Personal Trainer for about eight years and currently works at the Greystone Country Club in Hoover. In May 2021, he moved from The Marvel City to The Magic City in order to be closer to the action in downtown Birmingham. That’s when he first encountered YPBirmingham.

“The day I moved into my new apartment is the day I joined YPBirmingham. I walked down to The Pizitz and saw that they were having some kind of Cinco de Mayo event that evening—at that point, I had no idea what YPBirmingham even was. I saw one of my friends, Lorenzo Johnson, who was a member. We ended up talking and he told me about all the benefits of being a member. The thing that caught my attention was all the events that YPBirmingham hosts—a lot of them are at places I love to go anyway, so joining YPBirmingham was a bit of a no-brainer.”

Jeordon Dudley

Like Jeordon saw, one of the many benefits of being a member of YPBirmingham is having access to numerous events hosted by the organization. YPBirmingham hosts monthly socials that include a featured non-profit and showcase a unique spot in Birmingham, such as an unbeatable view or a new bar or restaurant. Furthermore, YPBirmingham members have access to a number of discounts at local businesses, which can save them hundreds of dollars at places they were already going to. Plus, the organization hosts quarterly networking functions in order to help members grow their career and professionalism. These networking functions include a, “Headshot Happy Hour” for members to get an edited headshot from a professional photographer—for free! Finally, YPBirmingham participates in multiple community outreach initiatives each year & encourages their members to participate and give back to the city.

The perfect opportunity to meet new friends + professional connections. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

For Jeordon, that’s one of the big selling points of membership.

“YPBirmingham does a great job of highlighting local businesses, which is something I really appreciate. Whether it’s locally-owned restaurants, apparel stores, bars or other businesses, it’s always great to support local. Those are the businesses that make our community unique and they really need our support.”

Jeordon Dudley

Being a member of YPBirmingham has helped Jeordon make new connections—which has led to new clientele in his job as a personal trainer.

“In my time as a member I’ve gained new friends and reconnected with old friends—but on a professional level I’ve gained new clientele through my relationships with YPBirmingham. I’ve also been able to refer people to other businesses that I never would have known about without YPBirmingham. Developing those networks with other members is a huge benefit of being with YPBirmingham, but I really appreciate being around motivated, like-minded people. We’re all constantly growing as people and professionals, so it’s encouraging to celebrate the successes of your peers and push yourself to stay on the same level.”

Jeordon Dudley

Click here to explore benefits of being a member of YPBirmingham.

Want to learn more about YPBirmingham? Check out these upcoming events

Meet other young professionals at the next YPBirmingham event! (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Want to meet the people in YPBirmingham and learn more about what it means to be a member? You’re in luck—YPBirmingham has a ton of awesome events lined up in the near future, including a St. Patrick’s Day social & costume contest!

“If you want my advice, I definitely recommend that you come check out the St. Patrick’s Day celebration and see what YPBirmingham is all about. When I attended my first YPBirmingham event I had no prior knowledge about the organization, but I went in with an open mind and a desire to make new acquaintances. You can see it online or on Instagram, but I highly encourage you to come experience for yourself how cool YPBirmingham really is.”

Jeordon Dudley

Make plans to attend YPBirmingham’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration or click here to learn more about becoming a member today!

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