Women in Alabama need your support—get involved March 17


Women's Foundation of Alabama
Women stick together. (The Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

Want to have your voice heard and help make change for others? Grab your heels, or whatever shoes you’re rockin’, and join The Women’s Foundation of Alabama at Capitol Heels 2022 on March 17 in Montgomery. Learn what this important day is all about, the organization behind it and how to register to be part of the action. 

The Women’s Foundation of Alabama fights for women

Women's Foundation of Alabama
Working for policy change. (The Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

From full-time parent to full-time employee, women do it all. Or we try to at least. I know—I’m one of these women. 

While we, of course, have our good days, “doing it all” can be tough at times. And not just because of the long days and nonstop go-go-go.

According to the Status of Women in Alabama report:

  • Women in Alabama earn only 73 cents for every dollar a man earns, compared to 82 cents for U.S. women overall. 
  • Women are more likely than men to have filed for unemployment during the pandemic accounting for 55.37 percent total claims. 
  • Women with children who wish to enter the workforce face steep child care costs: the annual cost for an infant (under 12 months old) in Alabama is $5,858, nearly 17 percent of women’s median annual earnings.

This is where WFA steps in. Alabama’s only statewide public women’s foundation, the organization accelerates economic opportunity for women across the state through research, advocacy and strategic philanthropy. 

Since its inception 25 years ago, WFA has invested over $6 million in efforts to strengthen communities by building equitable opportunities for women. How do they do this? Driven by research, the organization identifies and funds innovative solutions to address critical needs and remove barriers to create deep, long-lasting change for Alabama.

“Accelerating economic opportunity for women is the lynchpin to solidifying the positive economic trajectory the Alabama Legislature has seen this quadrennium. Enacting the policies in the 2022 Agenda for Women will not only help Alabama women enter and stay in the workforce, it will improve the economy as a whole, which is a win for every Alabamian.”

Melanie R. Bridgeforth, President & CEO, The Women’s Foundation of Alabama

Give the amazing people behind this organization some capes, because they are heroes of social justice!

Make your voice heard—get involved

Women's Foundation of Alabama
Get involved. (The Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

After three consecutive years of securing legislative wins for women, WFA is driving their 2022 Agenda for Women forward. The Agenda addresses policies and initiatives Alabama legislators must support to advance economic opportunities for women community.

While WFA moves resources to support women across the state, they can’t do it alone. We know a great way for you to get involved—attend Capitol Heels 2022, WFA’s annual legislative day on March 17.

On this important day, advocates of women are invited to join WFA to connect with state legislators, administration officials and key staff. 

This is your chance to:

  • Get an overview of WFA’s 2022 Agenda for Women
  • Visit the State House
  • Have your voice heard on issues that matter to you
  • Create a dialogue with elected officials
  • Gain insight into the biggest issues this Legislative Session

“Systemic and sustainable change for women and communities requires an ‘all hands-on deck’ approach that includes philanthropic investments in proven programs alongside strategic advocacy for meaningful public policy solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Alabama is significant and particularly detrimental to all women, making the need for the policies contained in the Agenda for Women more significant than ever before.”

Melanie R. Bridgeforth, President & CEO, The Women’s Foundation of Alabama

Event Info:

What: Capitol Heels
Where: RSA Plaza, 770 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104
Date: Thursday, March 17
Time: Continental Breakfast: 8AM | Program: 8:30AM | State House visit: 10AM
Donate to the campaign

Want to learn more about The Women’s Foundation of Alabama and the many ways they are helping women across the state? Visit their website and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram. Find more info on the Capitol Heels Campaign and register.

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