Popular author “Sean of the South” is moving to Birmingham

Sean of the south
Sean and his wife, Jamie, are headed to town. (Sean Dietrich / Facebook)

Sean of the South, the popular author and podcaster, recently announced he and his wife will be moving to The Magic City. We couldn’t think of a more appropriately Southern welcome than to give him a call and get to know him a little bit. Read on for the scoop.

Who is Sean of the South?

Sean of the South, aka Sean Dietrich, is a successful Southern author.

If you haven’t heard of Sean’s work, you might be in the minority among your friends. He has amassed a following of nearly 225,000 people on Facebook, where he shares his works. Not much for reading? 1. Thanks for making an exception for this article. 2. You might prefer his namesake podcast, which is also quite popular.

Heading to Birmingham

In a few short days, Sean and his wife, Jamie, will head to Birmingham, where he’ll be writing full-time in the comfort of his Avondale home. Though he’s been to Birmingham before, I was sure to ask the hard-hitting questions, like what restaurant he was most looking forward to having daily access to.

The first thing that came to his mind was quality barbecue, and he even name dropped SAW’s. So, I’m confident he’ll fit right in.

In addition to barbecue, Sean looks forward to the hospitality and culture he’s come to know and love on visits to Birmingham.

“Birmingham has been very, very good to me. From the first word I ever wrote, Birmingham has embraced me. It’s just a neat city. I love all of Alabama, but there’s a pocket in Birmingham that’s just neat.”

—Sean Dietrich, Sean of the South

Sample work from Sean of the South

Sean of the south
Headed to the ‘Ham. (Sean Dietrich / Facebook)

His work highlights the South in a light that many have not been fortunate enough to see. The sides of Alabama that we, as locals and fiercely loyal transplants, have grown to love. I’ll let him show you what I’m talking about.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Welcome to Birmingham, Sean and Jamie. We think you’re going to like it here.

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