5 reasons why Iron City is your dream wedding venue


Iron City
Have a party at Iron City. (Erica & Jamie Photos)

It’s the season for love, and with Spring weddings on the horizon and planning in full swing, finding the perfect venue for your special day is a must. With Iron City, you can have the ceremony of your dreams along with an unforgettable reception that feels like a live concert! Keep reading for all the reasons why having your wedding at Birmingham’s premiere concert venue is a no-brainier + how to book.

1. The space can transform into anything

Iron City wedding
Transform the space into any set-up. (Erica & Jamie Photos)

You want your wedding to embody everything you and your partner have been dreaming of, and with an open, industrial space like Iron City the possibilities are endless. You can go elegant with hanging lights, a chandelier and white table cloths; floral with hanging garlands, white couches and a flower wall; or modern, highlighting the brick backsplash with candles and greenery.

“We wanted our wedding reception to feel like a large party where everyone could let loose and enjoy themselves and that’s exactly what it was!

Lindy Jo Herron, Iron City Bride, Birmingham

Whichever theme you choose, Iron City’s team of event planners, techs and catering staff will work with you to bring it to life.

2. The food is outstanding

A big decision when it comes to the reception is the food. Everyone is starving, especially the happy couple, and delicious appetizers, mains and desserts are a must. Iron City has an extensive catering menu that couples can taste test and choose from, with an opportunity to make special adjustments and go over specifics with the chef. Here are some of their most popular items:

  • Mac & Cheese Station with various toppings—build your own mac & cheese? Count us in!
  • Mini Crab Cakes— topped with Creole mustard parsley and paprika these tasty bites will have you coming back for a dozen
  • Fried Chicken Sliders—with a buttery bun, crispy seasoned chicken and a butter pickle, this is a true Southern delight
  • Pimento Cheese Crostini— topped with sweet Pepper Jelly this is another Southern classic turned finger food dream

“We used their catering for the wedding and it was AMAZING. I continuously get compliments on how great the food was.”

Leigh Gwaltney, Iron City Bride, Birmingham

3. The location is unforgettable + central

Iron City
Experience your dream wedding + reception at Iron City. (Eric & Jamie Photos)

What is a wedding but one big party to commemorate your love with friends and family, so you might as well make it one to remember. At Iron City you’ll be celebrating in the same space where there have been famous performers, crazy parties and legendary concerts.

One of the best things about this location? Convenience—You can have your ceremony and reception at the same spot with a gorgeous aisle setup in one room and a seated dinner + stage/dance floor in another.

“My now husband loved the venue. I wanted him to be a part of the process and let him pick, so I gave him two options and there was no question that he wanted Iron City. The wonderful stage, grand staircase and interior really sold it for both of us.”

Leigh Gwaltney, Iron City Bride, Birmingham

After the reception is over, the party can continue with Iron City’s unique location in downtown Birmingham. Only a short Uber ride or walk away is dozens of restaurants and bars that stay open late.

We chose iron city because we wanted a venue in the heart of Birmingham that all of our out of town guests would enjoy. There are so many cool hotels around the venue for people to stay at and so many other fun places to check out nearby!

Lindy Jo Herron, Iron City Bride, Birmingham

Ready to have your wedding at Iron City? Book it today!

4. The staff is top-notch

Iron City wedding
Iron City’s staff is ready to build you the wedding of your dreams. (Iron City)

Whether you have a wedding planner or not, the event coordinators at Iron City are dedicated to making your day all you want and more.

“The staff was wonderful, from the sound techs to the catering to the bartenders. They’re very easy to work with and are available to answer all kinds of questions no matter how large or small, they are extremely accommodating.”

Leigh Gwaltney, Iron City Bride, Birmingham

After you schedule your meeting online, you’ll set a time to do a walk through and discuss food and beverage packages and room rentals. Once you choose your catering package, the team will schedule a tasting at least three months out from the wedding to make sure you love the cuisine.

The staff will set up almost everything in house from the food to seating and decorations and will go over any specific details that you want at your event.

“[Iron City] set up the band, overhead lights and cakes that arrived later that afternoon. Once we got to the reception I felt a sigh of relief that I could stop worrying and finally celebrate.”

Paige Ritchey, Iron City Bride, Birmingham

5. The set-up + breakdown is no-stress

wedding at Iron Ciy
Get ready to get married at Iron City. (Iron City)

The last thing to be added to any wedding day is more stress, and at Iron City you won’t have to worry about the set-up or break-down of your venue—they’ve got it covered. The bridal space will be set and ready for your arrival, so you and your bridesmaids can do last minute touch-ups, pep talks and toasts in a beautiful atmosphere.

The ceremony will be decorated just as you have planned and the reception will be complete with tables, seating, banquet staff, bartenders, techs for music and lighting set up and any other personal touches you desire.

Start planning today

To hear more about Iron city as a wedding venue and start planning your event, head to their private events page and fill out an inquiry form today.

You can also email their events coordinator at phoebe@ironcitybham.com.

To learn more about Iron City check out their website, Facebook and Instagram for fun events and venue information!

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