3 reasons why you need to try Evelyn’s Southern Fare

evelyn's southern fare
Evelyn’s Southern Fare owners Christie Lowe and Chef Chris Melville. Photo via Claire Hancock for Bham Now

Nestled in the heart of Mountain Brook’s English Village, Evelyn’s Southern Fare is the new chapter of a new local favorite. It’s time to re-introduce yourself to the restaurant formerly known as Bobby Carl’s Table on the corner of Cahaba Road.

Turning a new page

Evelyn's Southern Fare
Lowe and Melville outside of Evelyn’s Southern Fare in Mountain Brook’s English Village. Photo via Claire Hancock for Bham Now

Evelyn’s Southern Fare first opened in October 2019 on Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook’s English Village as Bobby Carl’s Table. After surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, owners Christie and Tim Lowe decided it was time for a change in name, and thus the new Evelyn’s Southern Fare was born.

Hear from Christie Lowe about the restaurant’s evolution and the touching meaning behind its new name.

“When we opened in October 2019, we had a great start. The community welcomed us with open arms, and they loved the elevated southern food, from deviled eggs to fried green tomatoes. Now with Chris Melville as our chef, these classics have been even more perfected.

Evelyn was my husband’s paternal grandmother, who lived in Vincent, Alabama. She was an incredibly tough person, and so we named the restaurant Evelyn’s to honor her strength and durability. She also embodied the essence of hospitality and caring for folks and loving folks that we are so focused on here.”

Christie Lowe, owner, Evelyn’s Southern Fare

A delightful dining experience

yellowfin tuna evelyn's
The Yellowfin Tuna is heavenly. Photo via Evelyn’s Southern Fare’s Facebook

From the adorable decor to the service that makes you feel like family, it’s no wonder why patrons love Evelyn’s Southern Fare. The menu is focused on classic Southern recipes that make you feel right at home.

One of the goals of the restaurant is to feel like you’re back at your grandmother’s kitchen table, eating classic home cooking with an elevated twist. Every dish at Evelyn’s is made from scratch, and most ingredients are sourced from local farms, farmers markets and gardens.

Hear from Chef Chris Melville about his intentions behind the menu and his approach to locally-sourced Southern cuisine:

“Seasonality is probably one of the biggest determinant factors in how I approach the menu at Evelyn’s. I don’t look so much as what can I put on the menu so much as what I can find that’s currently out there. I listen to the ingredients and get my inspiration from what I see is available.

Hippocrates said ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food’. And ‘restaurant’ means ‘to restore’. So then what does it mean to restore someone? Well, you can feed someone and just restore their energy levels and feed them. Or we can restore them in a more systemic, whole way where we’re actually feeding their spirit. It goes beyond them saying ‘hey, the food is good’ and more what I’m looking for is ‘Life is good’ as a response.”

Chris Melville, chef, Evelyn’s Southern Fare

On a personal note, I was in love with the food after one bite of Melville’s Strawberry Beach Pie. Other mouthwatering dishes include the Seared Scallops served on Hoppin’ John and the Shrimp and Grits.

Elevated and homey

evelyn's southern fare
Evelyn’s is on the corner of Cahaba Road in English Village. Photo via Claire Hancock for Bham Now

Evelyn’s Southern Fare is currently open for dinner, served from 5-9PM. They have recently announced “Evelyn’s Social Hour,” with drink deals and craft cocktails that are worth writing home about.

Under the name Bobby Carl’s Table, Evelyn’s Southern Fare has won two Mountain Brook restaurant awards: Mountain Brook’s Best of 2020 for Best Chef and Mountain Brook’s Best of 2021 for Best Friendly Dining.

For any skeptics out there, I’ll leave you with a great quote from owner Christie Lowe about the treasure that is Southern cooking:

“There is something about the comfort that Southern food brings to people. Especially over the past year and a half, it’s so nice to settle down to a meal that feels comfortable and predictable. It makes you feel at home.”

Christie Lowe, owner, Evelyn’s Southern Fare

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