The Market At Pepper Place returns Saturday, Jan. 22—here’s your ultimate guide to what’s in season


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Hinkel’s bakery, I’m coming for you. Photos via The Market at Pepper Place

It’s time to stock up on fresh local produce, artisanal baked goods and so much more. The Market at Pepper Place will reopen on Saturday, January 22 for their Winter Market, thanks to sponsorship from local businesses and organizations including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Read on for the scoop on what’s fresh this season.

The Market at Pepper Place—plan for opening day Saturday, Jan. 22

After a break for the holidays, The Market at Pepper Place will reopen on Saturday, Jan. 22 for their 12-week Winter Market. The Winter Market began in 2016 and is a convenient way for Birmingham residents to support local farmers while getting the new year off to a healthy start.

The Market is free to attend, thanks to sponsorship by some noteworthy local business and organizations, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

“The Market is a nonprofit. We don’t seek to make money from our customers or our farmers. We exist to support this farmer community, small businesses and small independent farmers. Our mission is to promote healthy, fresh and seasonal eating while supporting our local economy, and we need sponsorships to do that. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has helped us financially for years. But, beyond that, we have shared goals and both really care about the health and wellness of our community.”

—Leigh Sloss-Corra, Executive Director, The Market at Pepper Place

What’s in season?

Our friends at The Market at Pepper Place gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect this season.

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for these vendors:

  • Eastaboga Bee: honey
  • Habersham Farm: sweet potatoes and leafy greens
  • Hamm Farms: potatoes, leafy greens, onions and hot pepper sauce
  • HD Farm: lamb
  • Hinkel’s Bakery: breads and pastries
  • Ireland Farms: radishes, leafy greens, root vegetables
  • Magic City Mushrooms: many mushroom varieties, including oyster, lion’s mane and trumpet. Truffle oil, seasoned salts and tinctures, too.
  • Marble Creek Farmstead: meat, eggs and cheeses
  • Owls Hollow Farm: salad greens, spinach and fresh herbs

And down the road, don’t miss…

  • Hepzibah Farm: spring flowers (in Feb-March)
  • Penton Farms: strawberries (in March)
  • Habersham Farm: asparagus, ramps and giant tulips (in March)

Keep an eye on The Market at Pepper Place’s website and Instagram page for vendor updates.

The Market at Pepper Place—Winter Market edition

If you’ve ever been to the popular markets over the summer, you’ll know that farmers and vendors like to set up shop right in the heart of Pepper Place. During the Winter Market, expect to see primarily food vendors, including produce, honey, breads, meats and more.

When weather permits, the team loves to take advantage of our mild Birmingham winters and hold The Market outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll find them right inside—just look for the signature white tent near Yellowhammer Print Shop and Billy Reid.

An important note for our furry companions: dogs will not be permitted at the indoor market.

Supporting local farmers + staying healthy

Ever wonder where your food really comes from? According to the team at The Market at Pepper Place, the average fruit or vegetable travels 1500 miles before arriving in your supermarket. This means that the produce is often picked well before it is ripe, so that it can keep fresh during the journey.

By contrast, farmers participating in The Market at Pepper Place pick their produce on Fridays, and then bring it to market the next morning for sale. Shopping and eating local produce as it’s in season is not only fresher, but also makes it easy to keep up a balanced diet, two reasons a partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama just makes sense.

For more ways to stay healthy in 2022, head to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s website.

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