Small biz Monday—spreading the nutty goodness of Alabama Peanut Company for over a century

alabama peanut company
You’re snackin’ like a southerner, now! Photo via Tira Davis for Bham Now

Birmingham is historic for several things and one of them is one of America’s last surviving original peanut shop. Birmingham’s Alabama Peanut Company has been providing nutty goodness for over a century and I spoke with one of their peanut roasting experts. Keep reading for details.

Alabama Peanut Co. is a Southern gem

peanut co.
Check out Birmingham’s Peanut House. Photo via Tira Davis for Bham Now

It is no secret that Alabama Peanut Co. is a Birmingham fave—considering it has been in business for over a century. Formerly known as “Peanut House”, the shop has been serving the Iron City community and visitors with fresh, roasted and boiled peanuts since the 1900s. It has been located at 2016 Morris Avenue since 1951.

alabama peanut company
Did you know that Morris Avenue was a food market back in 1909? Photo via Tira Davis for Bham Now

Did you know that they still use antique peanut roasters? In fact, these antique roasters are the original ones uses at the Peanut House in the 1900s—amazing, right? One roasts 25 pounds of nuts at a time while the other roasts 100.

Alabama Peanut Company is still owned by family members (John Cassimus) of the original founder of the Peanut Depot, D.J. Cassimus, and leases it to the current co-founder, Jaime Thursby. When I asked the peanut experts why they chose Birmingham as the home for Alabama Peanut Co., he simply responded “Why not?”

Birmingham, specifically Morris Avenue, is historic. The fact that this same street houses the Peanut Depot, where millions of peanuts have been sold, makes it obvious that this was the perfect spot.

They make more than just Southern salty peanuts

B.Y.O.Peanuts. Photos via Tira Davis for Bham Now

Alabama Peanut Co. has about 120 unique boiled peanut flavors that include:

  • Collard greens (a New Years crowd fave)
  • Buffalo ranch
  • Salty dill pickle
  • Pineapple lava
  • Alabama cajun
  • Spicy Bloody Mary
  • Jalapeño poppers

They now offer grab-and-go boiled peanut services. You can also grab a bag of locally made Bronnie’s Brittle—they currently have the flavors butterscotch, chocolate, and peanut (of course).

  • Location: 2016 Morris Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 10AM-5PM | Wednesday & Saturday 10AM-4PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

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