NEW OPENING: ThirsTea Cafe will open second location at The Pizitz in early 2022


ThirsTea Cafe family at The Pizitz
We’re welcoming owners Hugo and Delanie Anguiano to The Pizitz Food Hall. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

A favorite Birmingham bubble tea cafe is opening its second location in a pop-up at The Pizitz Food Hall. Get ready to get your bubble tea fix in early 2022 from ThirsTea Cafe. We got the inside scoop from owner Hugo Anguiano to find out what you can expect in this new location.

The ThirsTea Cafe drinks you know + ❤️ coming to The Pizitz Food Hall

Whether you’re a ThirsTea Cafe regular or this is your first time trying bubble tea, you’ll find plenty of items you love. Here are a few menu highlights:

  • Milk tea in flavors including caramel, cinnamon, matcha + taro
  • Fruit tea in flavors including guava, lychee, mango + peach
  • Their popular tapioca boba

PS: Not sure what boba is? An essential part of the popular Taiwanese teas, boba are chewy pearls made of tapioca that add tons of flavor and texture to drinks like smoothies, fruit teas and bubble teas. ThirsTea Cafe also offers popping boba, chewy pearls filled with juice that burst when you bite into them for a unique flavor combination, and fruit jellies to add to your tea.

No matter what you order, it’ll be the ideal balance of sweet and refreshing. Plus, with all of their flavor combinations, you could have a drink every day and still never order the same thing twice!

Drooling yet? ThirsTea Cafe is the perfect fit for The Pizitz Food Hall. Grab food from one of their international and continental options and finish it all with a refreshing milk tea or fruit tea.

“We are excited to welcome ThirsTea to downtown Birmingham and The Pizitz Food Hall. ThirsTea brings a fun, tasty, alternative beverage option for our customers while continuing to expand the diverse offerings that can only be found at the food hall.”

—Matthew Hammont, Specialty Leasing Associate, Bayer Properties

Get to know the family behind ThirsTea Cafe

Birmingham bubble tea
A sweet family making sweet drinks. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

ThirsTea Cafe has been serving up tasty bubble teas and menu items to Birmingham for over five years. Hugo Anguiano and his family have been behind the yummy drinks for the past three years, and it truly is a family business.

“The inspiration behind ThirsTea Cafe was the love for bubble tea that we have as a family. It’s something that we can all sit around and enjoy. It brings us a lot of pleasure, especially when we can make our own drinks and try new things at the same time.”

Hugo Anguiano, Owner, ThirsTea Cafe

Don’t miss their favorite combos:

  • His boba—Hugo: Thai milk tea with tapioca 
  • Her boba—Delanie: taro smoothie with tapioca 
  • Tiny boba—Ophelia: lychee fruit tea with rainbow jelly 

ThirsTea Cafe’s pop-up location in The Pizitz will bring their popular Taiwanese drinks to Downtown Birmingham so you can get your boba fix, whether you’re looking for a midday pick-me-up or a weekend treat after exploring the city. Is there anything better than supporting local and fulfilling your cravings?

The cafe has already amassed a following who loves their tasty menu items, so we can’t wait to see who else becomes obsessed with bubble tea thanks to their new opening.

Who else is ready to see ThirsTea Cafe in The Pizitz Food Hall? Stay tuned for their opening in early 2022.

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