5 Birmingham influencers told us what you need to have in your closet for 2022

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We’re looking at you, 2022. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Feel like your closet needs some updating, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We chatted with 5 local style experts for all the deets on what to wear in the new year.

Early 2000s trends + sustainability 🌿

Prashant Upadhyay- Birmingham influencer
Can’t get enough of this color combo 💗 Photo via @prashant.yay on Instagram

“I am definitely feeling an early 2000s revival happening right now, that’s definitely going to pop off next year. Color is so in right now and I’m all about it! Winter doesn’t necessarily mean beiges, grays, and other neutrals anymore.”

Prashant Upadhyay

If you haven’t seen @prashant.yay on your Insta feed yet, allow me to introduce you. His style is basically a walking Pinterest board and he highlights the importance of sustainability, kindness and self-care in his content.

Prashant predicts that genderless clothing is going to make a major appearance next year, along with a rise in sustainability awareness.

“Clothes don’t really have a gender for me personally. My entire wardrobe consists of womenswear and unless it’s very apparent, you can’t tell it is. Progressing towards sustainable fashion is going to be another major trend next year. It’s going to be a slow change but I definitely know we will make strides in that aspect.”

Prashant Upadhyay

‘Dopamine Dressing’ and Diana 👑

Ann Kathleen Williams- Birmingham influencer
Falling for this look. Photo via @loveannkathleen on Instagram

“Between Spencer (which will certainly be nominated for a few Oscars) and this next season of The Crown being very Diana centric, we are going to see a lot Diana inspired outfits in 2022! And I am here for it. Her casual style is definitely going to be referenced a lot.”

Ann-Kathleen Williams

Ann-Kathleen Williams (@loveannkathleen) is not only a fashion icon but a photographer and a short film director too! We love to see the talent. Her 2022 style predictions include bold, exciting colors + patterns and major influence from the effortless style of Princess Diana.

“They’re calling it ‘Dopamine Dressing’ and for good reason! The rich luxe colors trending in 2022 could make anyone happy! Things like colored tights and monochromatic moments will be very trendy. Luxe colors will also be trendy in home decor! Maximalists, now is your time.”

Ann-Kathleen Williams

Say no to neutrals + low-rise jeans

Mary Fehr- Birmingham influencer
Bold dresses are everything. Photo via @confidencecurved on Instagram

“I think 2022 will bring bold and bright colors- leaning away from neutrals. Next year, with pants we are still leaving the skinny leg fit in favor of wider silhouettes, but please let’s keep the low rise jeans in the early 2000s.”

Mary Fehr

Mary Fehr (@confidencecurved) kills it behind the camera and naturally, in front of it as well. Self-love advocate and queen of mid-size fashion, Mary predicts that in the new year, the best trend is feeling confident in whatever you choose to wear.

“Overall I think we are all continuing to rock whatever style we enjoy and love—embracing that fashion and style means being true to you. The way you feel in the clothes is more important than if it’s trendy or not!”

Mary Fehr

High-rise jeans + Summer leather ☀️

Randall Porter- Birmingham influencer
Walkin’ into the New Year like… Photo via Randall Porter

“High-rise pants are for everybody and each body type. It’s one of the most flattering and versatile silhouettes across weight, height and physique. When styling high-rise, I like to tuck in the shirt which accentuates the waistline.”

Randall Porter

You may recognize @randallporter from the Atomic Lounge menu (RIP), our Now the Weekend segments or bringing his effortless fashion to every spot in Birmingham.

Randall predicts that despite the heat of Alabama summers, leather jackets and pants are a closet staple.

“Now I am sure Alabamians are gonna skip this one…but it could work for those cooler temps in the morning. Leather has usually been worn mid-season. This time around, it is transcending time and space to assert its newly found summer aura in pants or a Moto jacket.”

Randall Porter

Shirt dresses + bold accessories

Auri DaCruz- Birmingham influencer
We love a good sweater vest moment. Photo via Auri DaCruz

“Anything animal print with black or white will never go out of style. And T-shirt dresses paired with a fun shoe is a great way to stay comfy and chic.”

Auri DaCruz

Auri DaCruz (@auridmakeup) gives us enviable daily makeup tutorials on her Insta and has the perfect closet to match.

Shirts that can be worn as a dress and bold, colorful pieces are her trend predictions for 2022.

“Nude t-shirts with colorful pants, or vice-versa, will be trending in all 2022 seasons in my opinion. It’s all about getting out of your wardrobe comfort zone and having fun”

Auri DaCruz

Let’s Recap 🛍️

We can confidently announce that bold and bright colors are a must-have in your 2022 wardrobe—I’m definitely here for it. Plus, whether you’re ready for the low-rise revival or fearing it, early 2000s trends are coming back.

Which trends are you most excited to add to your closet in the new year? Tag us @bhamnow to let us know.

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