New ChopNFresh restaurant opens in Lane Parke on December 14th

chopnfresh is now open
Spice it up with their Southwestern bowl. Photo via Gabby Gervais for Bham Now

Exciting news! The long-awaited opening of ChopNFresh is finally here. Come out to their location in Lane Parke, starting Tuesday, December 14th to try their signature salads with exciting, fresh ingredients. Keep reading for all the deets!

Hello, ChopNFresh

sneak peek inside
SNEAK PEEK: The inside of lane Park’s new restaurant. Photo via Gabby Gervais for Bham Now

ChopNFresh is one of the newest restaurants in Lane Parke, and they’re getting ready to welcome you and your friends! This cute + nutritious restaurant serves up salads made with fresh ingredients from local farmers. Their mission? To stay veggie-forward in a world that is ever more health-conscious. 

FUN FACT: Every single one of their dressings is made in-house from scratch. You know it’s gonna be tasty and high-quality.

“We definitely take pride on everything being sourced locally, and everything be prepped cut every single day in all dressings made house in house every single day.”

Zeel Zaveri, co-owner

Add this to your order

co-owners of chopnfresh
Meet the owners:  Kinjal Soni, Zeel Zaveri and Dedra Miele. Photo via Gabby Gervais for Bham Now

ChopNFresh has loads of fresh options to choose from. Curious about what your first order should be? Well, we got to talk with owners about which salads they think you’ll love.

“So I’ve always built my own but our popular salad right now is one of the seasonal salads. The strawberry bae is really popular.”

Zeel Zaveri, co-owner
yummy salad
We tried the Strawberry bae and it’s berry delicious. Photo via Gabby Gervais for Bham Now

Because ChopNFresh gets their ingredients locally, the menu will change with the seasons. While you can, grab the strawberry bae. It’s filled with yummy local strawberries, toasted almonds, goat cheese and cukes! The base is baby spinach and spring mix topped with a lemon poppy seed vinaigrette.

“Southwestern is our number one and then Sweet Bowl Alabama. Alabama is a warm rain, so it’s a warm rain bowl.”

Dedra Miele. co-owner

If you’re a fan of Alabama ingredients like kale, sweet potatoes and apples, then you’ll want to shake it up with the Sweet Bowl Alabama. To top it off, the salad comes with local goat cheese and a sweet balsamic vinaigrette. YUM.

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