Eagle Awareness Weekend at Lake Guntersville State Park starts Jan 21—get your tickets now


eagle awareness
Meet a new friend. Photo via Marshall County Tourism

Eagle Awareness Weekend is a special time in Lake Guntersville, AL. The event, which spans multiple weekends at the beginning of 2022, offers an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with the indigenous Bald Eagles, as well as other birds of prey native to the area. Grab your tickets while you still can, and enter our Instagram giveaway if you’re feeling lucky.

Eagle Awareness Weekend 2022

bald eagle
Simply majestic. Photo via Marshall County Tourism

Eagle Awareness Weekend is an immersive educational program offered at Lake Guntersville State Park. Spanning four weekends in a row, the event is filled with expert speakers, guided hiking tours and, of course, live bird demonstrations.

Just an hour north of Birmingham, Lake Guntersville is an easy road trip to experience this special event.

Eagle enthusiasts might consider an exclusive package, which also includes an up close and personal look at eagles, hawks and other raptors. Bonus? It covers lodging, meals, a wine tasting and hot beverages to keep warm while you birdwatch.

Eagle Awareness Weekend is hosted at Lake Guntersville State Park

eagle awareness
Comin’ in hot. Photo via Marshall County Tourism

You might not know it, but Bald Eagles are plentiful in the Lake Guntersville area. Throughout town, there are plenty of spots where visitors can catch them live in action.

But, experts agree that your very best chance at seeing a Bald Eagle is within Lake Guntersville State Park. We can thank North Alabama conservationists for introducing the birds back into the area many years ago…

History of Bald Eagles in Alabama

In the mid-1980s, Alabama joined national efforts to reestablish the Bald Eagle population, which was on the brink of extinction.

Biologists with the Alabama Nongame Wildlife Program transported four young Bald Eagles from Florida into large artificial nests in Jackson County (Northeast Alabama, near the Tennessee border). And, luckily for us, the population began to thrive as Eagle Awareness Programs were subsequently created.

Eagle Awareness Weekend has grown into a highly-anticipated event, celebrating the Bald Eagle population in Lake Guntersville.

Get your tickets to Eagle Awareness Weekend

You’ll have four opportunities to join the fun. The 2022 dates are: 

  • January 21-23
  • January 28-30
  • February 4-6
  • February 11-13

Learn more about the event.

Feeling lucky? Enter our giveaway in partnership with Explore Lake Guntersville for your chance to win an Eagle Awareness Package (valued at $300).

Watch the eagles soar in Lake Guntersville—get full event details on their website.

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