9 spots for the most decadent hot chocolate in Birmingham

hot chocolate
Look at this delicious treat. Photo via FILTER

There’s nothing cozier than a creamy, rich mug of hot chocolate on a cold day. Luckily for us, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to hot chocolate in Birmingham. Read on for all of the delicious details, including some specialty options to sip on this season.

1. More than ice cream at Big Spoon Creamery

hot chocolate
The toasted marshmallow takes it to the next level. Photo via Big Spoon Creamery

If you think Big Spoon Creamery only serves ice cream, I’m about to change your life. They have a seasonal special you do NOT want to miss.

Their Hot Sipping Chocolate is a blend of 66% dark and 40% milk chocolates, steamed with milk and cream, and served with a torched house-made vanilla bean marshmallow. It’s available at all locations on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the holiday season.

2. Head to Trattoria ZaZa for tasty bites + hot chocolate in Birmingham

hot chocolate bham
Just look at that froth. Photo via Jessica Broom for Bham Now

The brunch at Trattoria ZaZa is a local favorite. Personally, I always go for the Breakfast Pasta.

Take your experience to the next level by adding a delicious hot chocolate to your brunch….or dinner, or lunch. I don’t judge.

“Not only did it have a beautiful photo-worthy design on top, but it also had a deep chocolatey taste with notes of hazelnut. It stayed warm and cozy in the mug, too. It was the perfect addition to my meal!”

—Jessica Broom, Bham Now

3. Vegan hot chocolate options at FILTER

One of my favorite spots. Photo via FILTER

If you haven’t made it to FILTER yet, you’re missing out. They serve delicious, hand-crafted beverages and tasty bites, including my favorite bagels from Beehive Baking Co.

Their hot chocolate is made with house-made vanilla and chocolate syrups. They recommend using Milkadamia (Macadamia nut milk) in place of traditional milk, which makes the drink vegan.

4. Peppermint hot chocolate with fresh cream at OHenry’s

hot chocolate
Loaded with peppermint and fresh cream. Photo via OHenry’s

A Birmingham favorite since 1993, OHenry’s is bringing festive flair in the hot chocolate department.

Grab a mug of their decadent hot chocolate, loaded with peppermint and topped with fresh cream.

5. A classic combo at Red Cat

red cat
Can’t go wrong with a classic. Photo via Red Cat

The folks at Red Cat know a thing or two about hot chocolate…they’ve been serving it up for nearly a decade! They offer traditional, coconut or peppermint hot chocolate.

We’re ready to greet the cooler weather with a warm mug of their classic hot chocolate, with all the toppings please.

6. Seasonal bites and sips at Church Street Coffee & Books

Church Street’s hot chocolate is prepared using steamed milk, Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, house-made vanilla syrup (made with real vanilla beans) and fresh homemade whipped cream. 

Pro tip: Don’t skip the Ginger Bites, Church Street’s seasonal cookie that pairs perfectly with hot chocolate.

7. DIY hot chocolate at Chocolatà

Chocolatà has you covered with hot cocoa and sipping chocolate mixes for sale. How perfect would these be for a holiday gift?

Bonus: each mix is dairy-free, and both pair well with nut, oat or soy milk. They also serve sipping chocolate inside the shop, which is prepared with cow’s milk and cream.

These mixes are the real deal—the sipping chocolate features whole pieces of dark chocolate and a pinch of spice, while the hot cocoa is a traditional cocoa powder with cinnamon.

8. Spiked hot chocolate at Miracle on 24th Street

Christmas lovers, rejoice! Queen’s Park has taken on their holiday persona of “Miracle on 24th Street” and their entire menu is fabulously festive.

If you’re seeking hot chocolate, don’t skip the spiked hot chocolate, complete with toasted marshmallows on top. It’s served in a Santa mug for the full effect.

9. Simple and delicious hot chocolate in Birmingham at Seeds Coffee Co.

Seeds is serving up their spin on the delicious classic. Hand-crafted with their signature mocha syrup and steamed milk, it’s simple, sweet and splendid for the holiday season.

Did we miss your go-to spot for hot choc? Let us know by tagging @BhamNow.

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