Girls are leading the way in Birmingham—learn how to invest in their future


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Celebrate girls and the incredible things they do in Birmingham. Photo via Girls Inc. of Central Alabama

As a woman and mother of a young daughter, I know it’s important to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. One organization striving to do just that is Girls Inc. of Central Alabama. Here’s a look at how they’re empowering girls across Birmingham and why you should help celebrate The Girls Inc. Difference. 

Who is Girls Inc. of Central Alabama?

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Girls thrive in Birmingham. Photo via Girls Inc. of Central Alabama

Today, girls face significant social and systemic barriers that threaten their well-being and ability to succeed. This is where Girls Inc. of Central Alabama steps in

Since 1938, Girls Inc. of Central Alabama has provided gender-specific, age-appropriate programs for school-age girls of diverse racial and economic backgrounds in the Greater Birmingham Area. 

Their goal: give girls the tools and opportunities to discover their inherent strengths and harness them to create meaningful change in their own lives and in the world around them. 

What’s unique about Girls Inc. is its comprehensive approach to whole girl development that equips girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and to grow up healthy, educated and independent.

“The two greatest challenges of women trying to move ahead are a lack of confidence and no one to support them during rocky times. Girls Inc. addresses both of these issues, providing programs for girls to thrive. I am passionate about Girls Inc. because confident girls become successful women.”

Jeanne Jackson, Former President + CEO, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham

Want to help advance the mission of Girls Inc. so more girls can experience The Girls Inc. Difference? Give now.

The Girls Inc. Difference

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Girls rock! Photo via Girls Inc. of Central Alabama

What impact does Girls Inc. of Central Alabama have on girls across Birmingham? All signs point to POSITIVE.

In a comparison study by American Institutes for Research, Girls Inc. girls were compared to their peers who did not participate in Girls. Inc. programming. Here are some of the things they discovered about Girls Inc. girls:

  • Their attitudes and behaviors were more positive.
  • They scored consistently higher on mathematics achievement test scores.
  • They had higher school-day attendance rates and lower suspension rates.

Additionally, the findings demonstrate that girls not only thrive at Girls Inc., they are also more likely than other girls to see themselves as leaders, with the skills and capabilities of influencing and improving their local communities.

Why you should support Girls Inc. of Central Alabama

By volunteering and/or donating to Girls Inc. of Central Alabama, you’ll be supporting an amazing organization that helps thousands of girls across the Greater Birmingham Area become smart, strong and bold.

“Girls Inc. is special to me because I was a part of it in middle and high school. At a time when I was shy, it helped me meet girls from different parts of the community. I believe it’s important to have positive role models like the ones at Girls Inc., especially with all of the challenges girls face today.”

Angela King, Owner, Angela King Brows and Beauty

This holiday season, make a gift to help advance the mission of Girls Inc. so more girls in Central Alabama can experience The Girls Inc. Difference.

For more information on Girls Inc. of Central Alabama, visit their website and follow them on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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