Helen featured in Esquire’s list of best new restaurants in the US

steak at helen
BRB, I’m going to Helen. Photo via Bham Now

The well-known, unconventional men’s magazine has ranked Helen as one of the best new restaurants in America. Coming in at number three is Birmingham’s very own classic dining experience: Helen. That’s a big deal! Keep reading to find out why it’s that topical.

What’s Esquire?

Have you eaten downtown? Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The men’s magazine, Esquire, is known for its unconventional topics and well-researched guides. Recently, they ranked Helen as one of the best new restaurants. Why does this matter? Writers for Esquire traveled and ate all over the US to find the best of the best.

As they traveled through America on a culinary journey, this magazine became drawn to food made with that firey and charcoal-isque taste. Helen, with its hardwood and coal smoked foods, fit perfectly into their palette.

FUN FACT: Birmingham restaurant Automatic Seafood & Oysters has been featured on the new restaurant list before.

Two notable Esquire writers from Alabama include:

  • Truman Capote (yes, the author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
  • Gay Talese

Helen is IT

one esquire's best new restaurant's team
Roarin’ 20s team at Helen. Photo via Helen’s Instagram

At THE contemporary Southern grill in Birmingham, you’ll defo be stunned by the menu. They like to change it up at Helen, so you’ll never see the same menu twice! But you can expect your best grandma’s steak and ultimate sides.

Led by Chef Rob McDaniel and Emily McDaniel, this classy restaurant brings the memory of cooking to life. Inspired by cgrilling over the hardwood coals at his grandmother’s, Chef McDaniel aims to celebrate good food.

“The chef describes the place as not a steakhouse. ‘But,’ he says, ‘I want them to know we’re here.’ They will. If not for the meat, then for the sides.”

Joshua David Stein for Esquire

Interested in what they have this week? Check out their family-style menu.

BONUS: The Bham Now team went to Helen back in October. And we can confirm this restaurant deserves the top spot. Really! It should be your downtown go-to.

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