Your guide to Birmingham’s beautiful murals in 2021—Part 4

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Birmingham's murals
Get ready for some amazing art in Birmingham. (Chaise Sanders / Bham Now)

We are bringing you even more incredible murals in the Magic City with part 4 of our guide to Birmingham’s beautiful murals. Check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 first, if you missed them.

1. “Phoenix” Mural—@being2art

Birmingham's murals
The “Phoenix” mural. Photo via being2art

This abstract painting was inspired by the song “Phoenix” by Rhye. It portrays an awakening that points towards a collective awakening needed in society. A society that is more loving, compassionate and connected.

2. Welcome to East Lake Mural— @atolbert58@annabatesbrown@elizasturg & @patrickglenn

Birmingham's murals
This mural welcomes you to East Lake. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

The East Lake mural is a nice big welcome to the area.

3. Kangaroo Jamz Mural—@easeful_essence

Birmingham mural
Who knew that an abandoned McDonald’s would be the perfect canvas. Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

This mural depicts a kangaroo hopping along to the beat.

4. Making A Wish Mural—Laurie Kramer & R. Brannon Hall

Birmingham's murals
A North Birmingham mural. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

This is the main mural in the North Birmingham Community Mural project. Over 100 volunteers from the community helped paint this mural.

5. Watercress Darter Mural—@mcmcbhm 

This fish mural seems to pop off the wall. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

One of Birmingham’s murals seems pretty fishy. You can spot this bright blue work of art across from the East Lake United Methodist Church.

6. Dreaming in Woodlawn Mural—@blankspacebham

A dreamy mural in Woodlawn. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now.

You can find this colorful mural on the side of an apartment building in Woodlawn.

7. Eat Well Mural—@brother_andy

One of Birmingham’s murals at City Meats and Vegetables. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

This mural depicts people holding hands over a shared meal. You can find it on the side of the City Meats and Vegetables building.

8. Norwood Mural—@the_telepathic_opera

Norwood mural
The Norwood Mural featuring Sloss and the Vulcan. Photo via Bham Now

The Norwood Mural is located at 3115 12th Ave N, across from Lewie’s Appliance Store, at the entrance of the historic Norwood Community.

9. Ensley Mural—@the_telepathic_opera and @thecolorprojectensley 

Ensley Mural
Ukuu Tafari in front of his Ensley mural. Photo via Bham Now

This mural in Ensley is another one of @the_telepathic_opera’s creations and can be found on the side of the Bethesda Health Center.

10. Wells Fargo Mural

A mural on the side of the Wells Fargo building. Photo via Bham Now

The six-foot-tall, 34-foot-wide mural is located at the Wells Fargo bank branch wall at 316 18th St. South near UAB.  It has 18 images of Martin Luther King Jr., the “four little girls” and photos of Civil Rights leaders including Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. The mural commemorates the 50 Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

11. Good Vibes Mural— @thomsonftw & @brother_andy

Good vibes only—DUH! Photo via @sawyer_the_labpup on Instagram

A happy mural you can find in Avondale. It is the perfect photo op!

12. New Birmingham Broker Mural—@mammothmurals

New Birmingham Broker Mural. Photo via Birmingham Broker.

A new mural came to the side of Birmingham Broker in March 2021.

13. UAB Solar House—@doug_baulos + @ibnib + @littleleafcollector

You can find the coolest Birminhgam murals in places you least expect. Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

One of Birmingham’s murals can be found behind the UAB solar house. A cute frog and cat man can be seen on the green background.

14. Horse Pens 40 revamp Mural—@mammothmurals

Horse pens 40
A revamp to an iconic billboard. Photo via Mammoth Murals

There’s a special story behind this billboard. Horse Pens 40 is a historic nature park with beautiful rock formations. Native Americans once lived here in the natural rock shelters and the park is home to ancient burial grounds of early inhabitants of the area.

While there, you’ll discover a sign that says, “Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time.”

The Schultz family owns the property and invites you to come enjoy the natural beauty of Horse Pens 40. To hear more about the iconic sign’s revamp, here’s a short video.

15. Mayawell Goddess Mural—@magiccitymuralco

Meet Mayahuel, goddess of the agave plant and one of Birmingham’s murals. Photo via Mayawell Bar

The bright and colorful Mayawell Goddess can be seen staring from the side of Mayawell Bar.

Stay tuned for even more Birmingham murals, and be sure to tell us about any we miss by tagging us @bhamnow.

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