Storyteller Overland acquires GoCamp—get ready for the ultimate adventure

Storyteller Overland and GoCamp join forces.
Your next escape begins here. Photo via Storyteller Overland

Outdoor enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Birmingham-based Storyteller Overland just acquired GoCamp. Now, it will be easier than ever to explore and achieve all of your van-life dreams. We’ve got the scoop about these two companies joining forces.

Storyteller Overland + GoCamp is the perfect match

Want to take a shot at van-life? Storyteller Overland and GoCamp have THE set up for you. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the acquisition, let’s catch you up on these two outdoor-focused companies.

Storyteller Overland is an adventure van manufacturer based in The Magic City. Its lineup of MODE Class B RV vans lead the pack in the adventure vehicle industry, with dealers from coast to coast.

While Storyteller Overland manufactures these sick rides, GoCamp rents them out. Think of GoCamp as the Airbnb of the RV space. This Portland-based company makes it easy for people to experience van-life. Through GoCamp’s website, van owners can rent out their vehicles to anyone needing a van for their next getaway.

Just by the descriptions of these two companies, you can see why this is a match made in (adventure) heaven.

“Storyteller Overland and GoCamp are a perfect match. Both of our teams are passionate about empowering people for grand adventure out on the open road and beyond, and each of our brands thrives on fostering connectedness among the growing communities we serve.”

Jeffrey Hunter, Founder and CEO, Storyteller Overland

If you’ve been looking for a sign to go on a van-life excursion, this is it.

Better together

Storyteller Overland and GoCamp team.
Storyteller Overland + GoCamp teams unite. Photo via Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland and GoCamp go together like bread and butter. These two teams coming together will level up the adventure vehicle industry.

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces more formally with Storyteller Overland. MODE owners had been enjoying so much success through GoCamp and delighting renters so thoroughly that formalizing GoCamp’s special relationship with Storyteller Overland was a logical next step. GoCamp has always known that road trips are better with a trusted adventure buddy in the passenger seat. We couldn’t have asked for a better copilot than Storyteller Overland.”

Deborah Kane, Founder and CEO, GoCamp

An integral part of this acquisition is Storyteller Overland’s dedication to sustaining GoCamp’s strength as a female-founded company.

“Deborah Kane is the founder of GoCamp. She built an amazing team and has done it in all the right ways. Now, we’re excited to work with GoCamp and be good stewards of continuing its core values of being a female-founded and female-led company.”

Jeffrey Hunter, Founder and CEO, Storyteller Overland

Along with an investment in expanding van-life opportunities, both of the companies are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to three Portland-based organizations. These organizations champion female entrepreneurship:

“Supporting these nonprofits help create pathways for meaningful, purposeful work for these next generation of leaders. It is important that we cultivate this for the future.”

Jeffrey Hunter, Founder and CEO, Storyteller Overland

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