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Repsy team
Bringing the electricity of music to YOUR event. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Birmingham’s tech founders constantly innovate to make our city better—and to make life more convenient. Meet the people behind Repsy, the Birmingham-based app that’s connecting people to live music.

The story behind the music

Tranum Fitzpatrick and Carter Speidel
Meet Tranum Fitzpatrick and Carter Speidel, CEO and COO of Repsy. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

If you’ve ever been in charge of booking live music for your wedding, college party or corporate event, you probably know the process could use some improvement. Tranum Fitzpatrick, the founder and CEO of Repsy, experienced the frustration firsthand when he was in charge of booking live acts in college.

He set out to make live music booking easier for everyone: from the booker to the talent. Now, bookers don’t have to spend all of their time tracking down new musicians or keeping up with schedules. For the musicians and bands, Repsy means there’s no need to spend time looking for new gigs and chasing payments. Repsy will handle it, so musicians can do what they do best: entertain crowds with amazing music.

Repsy’s team is full of people with experience that matters. Carter Speidel, Repsy’s COO and head of Artist Relations, has experience booking live music and performing shows of his own with his band. Thanks to the team’s background, they’ve made a process that actually works.

Repsy office on Morris
Making magic on Morris. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

How it works for bookers 🎶

  1. Search the amazing talent options on Repsy.
  2. Send offers to talent for your event.
  3. Relax and enjoy the show—Repsy will take care of the rest.

How it works for talent 🎸

  1. Add your band to the Repsy website with samples of your music.
  2. When event requests come through, review event details & confirm in one click or slide into their DMs to negotiate.
  3. Show up and play! Repsy will handle the details so you don’t have to.

Repsy brings the magic of innovation to The Magic City

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Birmingham is no stranger to innovation. From startups that become national game-changers to business leaders who pave the way for others, our city is an amazing home for entrepreneurs.

Tranum spent his teenage years in Birmingham and moved back after college to start Repsy.

“The business community in Birmingham is outstanding. The amount of guidance and help I have received from experienced and successful people has been an incredible asset. There are some true business rockstars here and I have found that most of them are welcoming and willing to help wherever they can. The inclusion and encouragement of the business community in Birmingham is a rare and special thing.”

Tranum Fitzpatrick, CEO, Repsy

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All for the love of live music

Shackelford Lane, Repsy client
Shackelford Lane loves matching the energy of their events. Photo via Shackelford Lane on Facebook

Nothing is as electrifying as a night of live music in a room full of friends—or strangers. That excitement is at the heart of Repsy, and it’s why their team works so hard to make that experience easier for everyone.

“There are few things that put a smile on my face like a great concert. Beyond live music being a great time, it’s a vital part of how musicians make money.”

Tranum Fitzpatrick, CEO, Repsy

For Repsy’s clients, the dream is to perform and share their music with as many people as they can. Repsy makes that possible by giving musicians their time back.

“The ultimate goal for Shackelford Lane probably isn’t too different than most bands. We want to be as big as we can be. Realistically, the next step for Shackelford Lane is to be as busy as we can be in college towns, to reach as much of that demographic as possible and to keep the band as profitable as possible. Repsy is a key player in making the next step for 2022.”

Will Shackelford, Member, Shackelford Lane

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