Exciting news— Birmingham is one of the fastest growing smaller cities for entrepreneurs

The Birmingham skyline from the 21st Street. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

LinkedIn News just released their list for the top 11 fastest growing smaller cities in America for entrepreneurs. Birmingham secured spot number seven on the list and with this news comes further evidence that our city is on the rise. Find out why Birmingham stands out compared to other business hubs and where we’re going.

Where does Birmingham stand

Forge coworking in Birmingham
More Birmingham entrepreneurs means more jobs for our city. Photo via Bham Now

Birmingham secured spot number seven on LinkedIn’s list with a 32 percent growth rate from July 2018-2021. We rank just below Buffalo, NY and just above Metro Jacksonville, FL in terms of growth over the past few years.

We’ve already seen the Birmingham technology scene grow exponentially in recent years with MarketWatch dubbing us one of America’s new tech hot spots in 2019.

Here are some of the big startup companies we’ve seen move to Birmingham in recent years:

Why’d we make the list?

Fall in Birmingham- beautiful trees and skyline
Welcome to the beauty of our city, new Birmingham entrepreneurs. Photo via onlyinyourstate.com

Smaller cities are continuing to draw in business owners with factors like low operating costs, less traffic and high quality of life with lower cost of living.

Birmingham meets all of these qualifications and more. Our city’s incredible food, night life and events are on par with many larger cities. We also have all the great conveniences of a smaller area as well as the natural flora of the beautiful South.

Expect even more growth

Tons of new businesses, a special celebration + open jobs in Birmingham
The number of Birmingham entrepreneurs is growing. Photo via Bham Now

The pandemic brought so many changes into society, one of those being a mass exodus form larger cities that are our usual business hubs. These entrepreneurs moved their lives and ideas to smaller areas such as Birmingham.

According to LinkedIn’s data, many of these business owners decided to make the move for cost reasons and to be closer to nature as well. As more and more entrepreneurs make their way to Birmingham, many stay and not only create new companies and jobs but shed talent.

These talented individuals will inspire more employees and so on, creating a domino effect. We can already see this trend in that 32 percent growth rate and will most likely continue to see incredible growth when it comes to business ventures in our city.

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