Bronze Valley Accelerator announces 5 new participating startups

IMG 4762 Bronze Valley Accelerator announces 5 new participating startups
The Iron Age Building, home to GLOW. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Bronze Valley Accelerator (BVA), a free accelerator for local startups, has announced the five startup companies participating in their program. On November 22, BVA will hold a Pitch Night so the startups can pitch their ideas to local entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. Read more to find more on these startups.

What is Bronze Valley Accelerator?

Bronze Valley Accelerator works with local companies to help them build relationships needed to thrive. Their program is free and focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color. Companies that participate receive help such as

  • One on one mentoring and coaching—over 25 mentors availible!
  • Weekly Lunch & Learn opportunities. Bascially, you’ll learn how to choose a revenue model and to pitch your ideas.
  • $1M in deals + perks from vendors.

Meet the companies part of the 2021 Bronze Valley Accelerator Fall Cohort.

1. Cyber Pop-Up

Do you need data security? Image via Cyber Pop-Up

Cyber Pop-up is an on-demand cybersecurity platform powered by freelancers. In other words, this startup offers flexible, trustworthy and affordable security. They have over 100+ successful cybersecurity projects and gained support from Google and Verizon/Techrise—WOW.

  • Founder + CEO: Christine Izuako
  • Website

2. DataLakeHouse

Bad data, begone! Image via Datalakehouse

DataLakeHouse answers business questions through a self-service analytics platform. So think data reporting. Also, DataLakeHouse aims to help businesses save time and money by maintaining solutions through the data obtained. Since launching in Summer 2020, this startup has made over $250k in revenue and processed 300M records.

No wonder Bronze Valley chose this company, they are taking biz solutions to the next level!

  • Founder + CEO: Christian Screen
  • Website

3. DontHaggle

Image via DontHaggle

Don’t want to haggle prices? Then DontHaggle has your back. Their mission as a startup is to let buyers and sellers exchange items for the fairest price possible without haggling. So, how do they do it? They don’t use list prices! So businesses using DontHaggle can guarantee fair prices for items they need.

  • Founder + CEO: Gavin Baum-Bake
  • Website


Startup, Birmingham
Yazmin Cavale, CEO of GLOW, providing on-demand beauty services at your fingertips (Via GLOW’s Facebook)

Bronze Valley Accelerator chose GLOW for its unique and innovative way of connecting beauty pros. GLOW uses an app to connect their users to beauty gurus making it more efficient to plan beauty services. But what kind of beauty services are offered? If you’re a beauty pro who does nails, hair, makeup or more then GLOW wants to help you schedule your appointments on your own time and terms.

Did you know GLOW has 65 “GlowPros” (beauty pros) in six markets in over 23 cities nationwide? They’re nailin’ the game!

  • Founder + CEO: Yazmin Cavale
  • Website

5. Pruuvn

pruuvn startup
Need a simpler way to login? Photo via Pruuvn

Pruuvn empowers short-term contractors in Birmingham. So this means, the startup monitors your business’s digital assets with blockchain technology. Pruuvn’s platform simplifies the employees’ verification, screening and onboarding from multiple steps into one click.

Did you know Pruuvn already has 1000 users on their platform?

  • Founder + CEO: : Bryan Hobbs
  • Website

Interested in seeing these startups pitch their innovation? Then you don’t want to miss Bronze Valley Accelerator’s Pitch Night Program. RSVP for this virtual event taking place on November 22nd, 2021 from 5:30PM-6:30PM.

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