Orchestra Partners joins Good Baby Management to bring new entertainment experience to Urban Supply

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Birmingham is getting a new retail experience. Photo via Orchestra Partners

Orchestra Partners is partnering with Good Baby Management to bring exciting markets and events to Urban Supply with their new brands Garage Sale and Bar Sell Trade. Here are the details.

More about Good Baby Management

good baby management, birmingham, urban supply
Have you heard of Good Baby Management? Photo via Orchestra Partners

Good Baby Management is a specialist that activates creative districts through year-round outdoor programming, tenant recruitment and social design. The founder, Josh Sampson, says his business will bring exciting things that include:

  • Concerts
  • Markets
  • Festivals

“Orchestra is working to add layers of experience to downtown Birmingham. We partnered with Good Baby Management, because they understand thoughtful, year round outdoor programming, well-operated tenants, and cohesive designs—everything necessary to create all the layers of experience for a vibrant urban environment.”

Phil Amthor, Orchestra Partners, Development Manager

Good Baby Management’s new category retail brands, Garage Sale and Bar Sell Trade, are a part of the portfolio.

Here’s what it’ll bring to Birmingham

Good Baby Management’s team of activation specialists will lead markets, festivals and concerts at Urban Supply’s The Aisle. In addition, shops, restaurants and bars will line the space.

“Birmingham will have a world-class food and beverage district next to our world-class park and baseball venue. We’re working hard to create a unique and vibrant ecosystem. We’re sure entrepreneurs and artists will find success at Urban Supply.”

Phil Amthor, Orchestra Partners, Development Manager

Sampson is looking forward to Garage Sale Bar Sell Trade being the anchor tenant and acting as a bar, sell and trade retail space—it will open Spring 2022.

“The partnership will create a win-win for energizing downtown Birmingham—for real estate to be used as an economic incubator to create a truly human economic eye-level experience. As technology dominates, we believe an equal and opposite force will be in offline experiences and we can’t wait to party with you.”

Josh Sampson, Good Baby Management, Founder

His goal is to create a fun environment and to see Urban Supply rapidly evolve as “Birmingham’s new play-zone.” 

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