Meet the local elementary student who’s published children’s books

Callie Chapman
Let’s get to know Callie Chapman. Photo via Glitter the Unicorn on Facebook

Did you have big dreams of becoming a writer as a child? Callie Chapman, an elementary school student in Crestline, is living that dream as a published author of multiple children’s books in the Glitter the Unicorn series. We found out what inspired the books and what advice she’d give to other young dreamers. Check it out.

Glitter the Unicorn goes from Birmingham to across the pond

Callie Chapman
Such an amazing accomplishment. Photo via Glitter the Unicorn on Facebook

When Callie was six years old, she wrote a story about a magical unicorn named Glitter and her best friend Ellie. With help from her mom, she published it and has since written two more in the series. Trust us, this is a mother-daughter duo fit for a book itself—Callie writes the stories, and Bronwyne, Callie’s mother, illustrates.

“I feel good knowing that I have accomplished something so cool at such a young age. I love writing stories, my mom bringing them to life and sharing them with the world. It is so cool when I see a kid read my book for the first time and love my stories.”

Callie Chapman, Glitter the Unicorn, Author

You can find the Glitter the Unicorn series online and in local bookstores. Plus, her books have even received *international* recognition. In August, Sarah, the Duchess of York, read Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Beach on her YouTube series Story Time with Fergie and Friends.

Check out Callie’s advice for other children with big dreams

Callie is a young writer with BIG dreams. We asked for her advice for young writers, but I have to say, I’m inspired myself.

“Dream big. Be happy and be yourself. You are never too small to do big things. I would tell kids to follow their dreams, do what makes you happy, work hard and help others along your way.”

Callie Chapman, Glitter the Unicorn, Author

Giving back to Children’s of Alabama

Callie Chapman
Callie and the Glitter the Unicorn books. Photos via Glitter the Unicorn on Facebook

If this story wasn’t inspiring enough, you’ll love knowing that Callie donates proceeds from the books to Children’s of Alabama. So far, they’ve donated over $10,000 to Children’s to buy art supplies for the children staying there.

“I love art because it is a way to express yourself. I wanted to make sure that while kids are in the hospital, they get the chance to express themselves and to create something beautiful with art during their stay.”

Callie Chapman, Glitter the Unicorn, Author

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