12 Birmingham photographers you need to follow

Birmingham photographers
Creative inspiration coming your way. Photos (L-R) via @ashtynn.bree, @sub.urbancreative and @alysaataylor_

Looking to add a dose of creativity to your days? You’ll find it with these Birmingham photographers who capture photos of everything from iconic locations to faces around town. Check out these 12 photographers you should follow on Insta—plus, find out where they get their inspiration.

1. @ashtynn.bree

Ashtyn Bree is a Birmingham-based photographer whose portfolio includes everything from weddings to portraits. Fair warning: as you scroll her page, you’ll be inspired to buy a disco ball.

“My love for photography is inspired by the prospect of giving life to the “moment”. Giving importance to the brief window that a picture provides to a person’s life and story.”

Ashtynn Wilhite

2. @ginnard

Looking for a Birmingham photographer who captures the essence of The Magic City? Check out Ginnard Archibald, whose photos will transport you to a different place in Birmingham.

“My inspiration comes from the love of just simply creating. Breathing life into something that didn’t exist before gives me chills. I’ll never stop.”

Ginnard Archibald

3. @dolovision_

Dolosimba’s photos include a range of subjects, from local musicians to clothing lines. His inspiration comes from memorializing single moments that last a lifetime.

“It’s one thing to live in the moment… but capturing that moment and cherishing it forever—priceless. Life itself is my inspiration.”


4. @sub.urbancreative is a Birmingham photographer you should be familiar with

If you aren’t following this Birmingham photographer yet, I promise you’ll want to. Whether he’s sharing product photography or stylized portraits, each photo is inspiring and creative.

“I pull inspiration from those around me. I believe that we are put here to help inspire each other.”

Isaac Nunn

5. @ashley.jamesphoto

Ashley James’ inspiration from fashion magazines comes through in all of her creatively-styled photos. Her current color series brings bold pops of color to iconic Birmingham locations.

“I get a lot of inspiration from fashion magazines such as Vogue. I would love to work for one some day.”

Ashley Brooke James

6. @definitelykenslie

Definitely Kenslie
Gif via Kenslie

Whether she’s taking photos of other Birmingham faces or styling portraits of herself with local photographers, Kenslie’s dreamy edits will inspire you to document the moments of your own life.

“In the past, inspiration has always come to me via traveling, attending concerts, spending time with friends and many other types of celebrations. With the absence of these experiences over the past year, I have found myself looking to other creative outlets to inspire my photography mindset.”

Kenslie McGuire
Photo of Kenslie by Ginnard
Photo via Ginnard for Kenslie; Art Direction by Kenslie

7. @alyssaataylor_

Alyssa’s creativity comes through in her photos of subjects around Birmingham and her hand-lettered designs. My favorite part of scrolling through her feed is seeing how she plays with movement and light to create interesting portraits.

“I tend to find my inspiration from real-life stories and experiences. I always want to capture raw and honest emotion in every shoot.”

Alyssa Taylor

8. @eyesofcorn.media

Cornelius, or Eyes of Corn Media, takes photos of everything from street-style solo portraits to families. I love scrolling through their Instagram feed to find fresh inspiration from local spots I’ve passed hundreds of times.

“I am most inspired by the people around me, because each moment I get to spend with others, I get to capture just a part of their stories. I’m always grateful to be a part of a chapter in someone’s life.”

Cornelius Hayes

9. @katiegracenphotography

Katie’s Instagram bio reads “here for the lovers”, and that becomes obvious when you check out her romantic, dreamy photos. If you’re getting married (or eloping), you’ll love Katie’s work.

“I love all things intimate, romantic and vintage. I get my inspiration from old film photos, music and most importantly—having clients that trust me and are always down for anything.”

Katie Hall

10. @malbphotography is one of our favorite Birmingham photographers

Mallory Barry’s photos were recently featured by Instagram (yep, THE Instagram), and we can see why. She shares colorful and creative shots that feel out of this world.

“I’m inspired by my surroundings constantly—whether it’s in movies, other photographers and artists, feelings I have, etc. I keep a running list of ideas in my notes, and I go from there.”

Mallory Barry

11. @avisualperception

Whether she’s photographing individuals or couples, Abby finds inspiration in the city itself. Her playful use of everyday objects as props turn even simple photos into something you’ve never seen before.

“Birmingham is so dope. Almost every area has been transformed to some degree, whether that’s through artistic murals, small businesses popping up on every street or even homes and buildings being restored to their former glory. Finding inspiration is easy when I’m surrounded by so many cool textures, colors, stories, ideas and people. Birmingham is big enough to find new places every day and small enough to never be more than 20 minutes away from a new spot. I love it here!”

Abby Sugden

12. @alyhansenphoto

If I ever want creative inspiration (or I just want to spend a good twenty minutes scrolling Instagram), I check out Aly Hansen’s work. This Birmingham photographer has a way of turning even the most casual subjects into total works of art.

“My inspiration comes less from movies and art and more from a desire to capture my subjects and the life around me in a way that they haven’t been portrayed before.”

Aly Hansen

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