“This is the new generation of sports.” Meet Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games 2022

The World Games
The excitement of international sporting events will be in your backyard, Birmingham. Photo via The World Games 2022

Missing the exhilarating rush of watching your favorite athletes compete in The Olympics? Then mark your calendars for next summer, because The World Games 2022 is coming to Birmingham. Our team had a chance to hear from The World Games 2022 CEO Nick Sellers all about what this will mean to Birmingham—and if it’s possible, I’m even more excited now. Keep reading for all the deets.

Get to know Nick Sellers

Nick Sellers
Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games 2022. Photo via The World Games 2022

Nick Sellers already had a pretty impressive resume before becoming CEO of The World Games 2022. Here’s a glance at his accomplishments:

  • He was former Alabama Sports Council Chairman + led a board that oversaw the growth of sporting events like the SEC Baseball Tournament and the Magic City Classic.
  • He served as an advisor to the Governor of Alabama for economic development & policy.
  • He’s held leadership positions at Alabama Power and Southern Company.

With experience like that, it makes sense he’s leading the way for The World Games 2022. He sees The Games as an opportunity for Birmingham to come together and come away stronger.

Bringing the new generation of sports to Birmingham

Vulcan - The World Games 2022
Next summer, Vulcan will welcome thousands of athletes. Photo via The World Games 2022

What’s the CEO of The Games looking forward to most? Getting the chance to bring people together—and show off The Magic City at the same time.

Nick Sellers told us that he sees plenty of the competitions as “the new generation of sports”. You’ll be able to see the sports you know and love along with emerging sports that are growing.

“There are few things that bring humanity together from all walks of life more than sports and competition and music. This is going to be an incredible moment for our community.

Competition has always brought out the interesting part of humanity that we all can connect to, by watching an individual athlete or a team go through struggles and failures.”

Nick Sellers, CEO, The World Games 2022

When The World Games begin on July 7, 2022, thousands of top-level athletes (and even more fans) will be in Birmingham. What does that mean for local businesses? They’ll have the chance to showcase their businesses as well as grow Birmingham’s economy.

“Any great community ultimately has its coming of age moment and goes through failures, struggles, let-downs and moments where we wonder if it can continue to grow and survive.

People are feeling like we’re moving in the right direction and there’s more good things happening than bad things. We want to grow that momentum, and The World Games is going to help grow that momentum.”

Nick Sellers, CEO, The World Games 2022

Celebrating the best of humanity during The Games

Korfball at The World Games
Korfball is on the rise internationally. Photo via The World Games 2022

The most accessible international sporting event ever

Wanna know one of the coolest parts of The World Games 2022? It will be the most inclusive international sporting event for athletes and fans alike.

“This is the first major international multi-sport event with sport competitions for athletes with and without disabilities on the same program. The Paralympics and the Olympics are coming together… but not before Birmingham, Alabama can lay claim.”

Nick Sellers, CEO, The World Games 2022

Incredible displays of sportsmanship

Even though The Games haven’t begun, there’s already been buzz around lacrosse, one of the fastest-growing emerging sports throughout the world.

The Iroquois Confederacy, home to one of the top-ranked lacrosse teams, is not recognized as a sovereign nation under the rules of the Olympic Committee, but the governing bodies worked together and officially recognized the Iroquois Nationals as eligible. Eight teams had already been chosen, but the eighth-ranked team withdrew so the Iroquois Nationals could compete.

“We’re committed to ensuring this is a World Games for everybody in the community.”

Whether you can’t wait to see korfball or drone racing, or you’re excited to see how The Games invest back into our community, there’s something for everyone at The World Games 2022. Here at Bham Now, we’re all about highlighting the bright news coming to our city—and The World Games 2022 is shining a light on that positivity.

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