The World Games 2021 CEO Nick Sellers on “huge opportunity” for Birmingham

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Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games 2021 Birmingham. Photo courtesy of The World Games

We’ve almost reached the 500-day countdown to The World Games 2021 Birmingham. This event is going to be big. We talked with CEO Nick Sellers about The Games and the impact on our city. Check it out!

Meet Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games 2021 Birmingham

Nick Sellers at the podium. Photo courtesy of The World Games 2021

Nick Sellers, a Birmingham native, was tapped as CEO of The World Games 2021 a couple of months ago. “The World Games was in a good position but looking for leadership that had deeper relationships in the community and across the state,” he said. 

While Sellers previously served as an executive at Alabama Power Company for sixteen years, he also has a background in sports. His experience includes working for the Alabama Sports Foundation, where he was instrumental in planning major events like the SEC Baseball Tournament (which is still here in Birmingham) and the Magic City Classic. 

Sellers’ most recent role with Alabama Power Company took him to Mobile for a year and a half. He’s excited to be back home in Birmingham—when not leading The World Games 2021, Sellers enjoys spending time in Lakeview and downtown with his family.

What is Sellers looking forward to most about The Games?

Get ready for the global stage, Birmingham. Photo courtesy of The World Games 

“Overall, I’m most looking forward to the excitement it will bring to our community and the state of Alabama. Our city will be on the global stage. It’s rare you can walk out in your backyard and visit the entire world.”

Nick Sellers, CEO, The World Games 2021 Birmingham

With 3,600 athletes competing from more than 100 different countries, the event will be like nothing Birmingham has seen in the past. Multiple venues across the Greater Birmingham are will be utilized during The Games (July 15-25, 2021). It’s going to bring in a LOT of people.

The Sports: Expect the Unexpected

Athletes will compete in more than 30 sports at The World Games 2021. Photo courtesy of The World Games

The World Games will also bring a variety of sports, some of which you’ve likely never heard of. One Sellers mentioned that sounds particularly intriguing is canopy piloting

In this sport, a skydiver jumps out of a plane and glides along a course on the water. (I’m not making this up—see for yourself). 

The World Games 2021 Birmingham sports
A sample of the 30+ sports that will be held at The World Games 2021 Birmingham. Graphic via The World Games

The Opportunity

It’s our time to shine. Photo courtesy of The World Games

With so many visitors—and television viewers—from across the globe, Birmingham will be showcased on a massive scale. According to Sellers, that’s our city’s opportunity.

“This opportunity in front of us is a huge one for us to succeed as a community in front of the world. We’re getting comfortable with ourselves and who we are, and this is a chance to showcase it. I want to encourage everyone to lean in to this moment.”

Nick Sellers, CEO, The World Games 2021

How You Can Participate

You might have seen The World Games 2021 Experience delivered by Shipt at various events around town. Photo courtesy of The World Games 2021

How can you lean in, you ask? The Games will need more than 2,000 volunteers to pull off the event. Stay tuned for opportunities and visit for more information.

The event is also going to be a big party. In addition to watching world-class competitive sports, there will also be a live music component. Great food will play a role, too (we are in Birmingham, after all!). Again, stay tuned for more info and announcements as the countdown to The Games continues!

What are you looking forward to about The Games? Let us know @BhamNow!

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