How one Birmingham couple went from homeless to providing homes


Shannon & Rob Malcolm, EXIT Realty Birmingham, Birmingham home loans
Shannon & Rob Malcom of EXIT Realty Birmingham. Photo via WBRC

From homelessness to owning their own realty franchise in Birmingham, here’s how one local couple is helping others find homes in The Magic City. Plus, learn how Caliber Home Loans can help you with your home buying needs.

Early beginnings

Meet Shannon and Rob Malcom, two Birminghamians from very different upbringings whose stories connected when introduced through a mutual friend in 2005. 

“This friend realized we were both on a dangerous path of destruction with our addictions and felt we would either save each other or at least not die alone.

Shannon + Rob, owners, EXIT Realty Birmingham

Shannon agrees it wasn’t your typical meet-your-other-half type of story, but it led them both on a journey to recovery.

In 2010, Rob started a company called Three D Properties and began flipping homes around the Greater Birmingham Area. It wasn’t long before tragedy struck when Rob was victim of a drive-by shooting where he was shot multiple times.

To be at Rob’s side during his recovery, Shannon left her job at a local construction company in Birmingham. Through this hardship, the couple found hope in each other and were soon engaged and married in 2011.

Giving life to Historic Norwood

An area of Birmingham that is close to Shannon and Rob’s hearts is Historic Norwood. The area is filled with historic homes, many of which are in need of some TLC. 

Their introduction to Norwood happened when they bought their first home on Carraway Boulevard across from abandoned Carraway Hospital. 

The couple renovated their home bit by bit and ultimately grew to love the area and began flipping homes.

“There were so many houses in the neighborhood that had been forgotten about, and they were eyesores to the neighborhood and to the cars that passed by them. We began bringing them back to life one by one.

We love that transformation from death to life. It is a clear representation of our own lives.”

Shannon + Rob, owners, EXIT Realty Birmingham

Now, Shannon and Rob have renovated nearly 30 homes in Historic Norwood. 

A time of rebuilding

EXIT Realty Birmingham - Birmingham home loans
Have you checked out EXIT Realty Birmingham? Photo via EXIT Realty Birmingham’s Facebook

After several years of recovery and helping flip homes in the Greater Birmingham Area, Shannon decided to get her real estate license in 2017. After exceeding her goals year after year, Shannon and Rob were approached by EXIT Realty with the opportunity to buy a franchise. 

The company is an invitation-only real estate company that prides itself on giving back to communities, changing lives and creating opportunities. 

It was a perfect fit, so in April 2021, they opened their new franchise, EXIT Realty Birmingham in the Lakeview District

This same year, Rob also decided to work toward a getting his real estate license. After lots of hard work, he passed his state exam and received his license in 2021.

A connection with Birmingham companies

Norwood, home renovation - Birmingham home loans
An amazing home renovation in Norwood by Shannon and Rob Malcom of EXIT Realty Birmingham. Photo via Shannon Malcom

Along with connecting with communities around Birmingham, Shannon and Rob also have a strong relationship with many in the real estate industry. One place, in particular, is Caliber Home Loans.

“Caliber Home Loans has been faithful to serve our clients well, sometimes going above and beyond the scope of their role in a real estate transaction. They truly care about their clients and one simple way that they show that is by servicing nearly every loan they approve.”

Shannon + Rob, owners, EXIT Realty Birmingham

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What do Shannon + Rob want others to gain from their story?

“We want our story to provide hope to the hopeless. We want others to know that success is possible if you put in the work and discipline yourself enough to do what it takes, put in the work, grind, hustle. 

We aren’t making millions out there, but we’re building relationships, and transforming neighborhoods in Birmingham. We are providing good quality homes for families. And that makes us happy.”

Shannon + Rob, owners, EXIT Realty Birmingham

Next for Sharron + Rob

Next, the couple plans to build a training center/office space for EXIT Realty Birmingham in Norwood. Stay tuned, because we can’t wait to bring you more info on the Malcom’s next endeavor. 

You can also learn more about Caliber Home Loans by visiting their website or giving them a call at 205.533.6703.

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