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Birmingham catering - Feast & Little Donkey
Get ready to feast on tasty food that gives back to your go-to restaurants. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

This past year has been tough for… well, pretty much everyone, and especially the restaurant industry. That’s why Feast is doing everything they can to help local restaurants. Meet Feast, your new go-to for Birmingham catering.

Restaurants’ plates are already full. Here’s how Feast helps 🍽️

Feast at Little Donkey
Opening the door to new opportunities. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Want to know why Feast is so important for local restaurants? The CEO behind Little Donkey sums it up:

“Business is very good right now which means we are busy… more and more our customers who are not in the building are demanding our attention and time.  Catering is a daunting task for most people organizing an event. They need time to decide and explain the details and make sure their function is in “great” hands. They need to trust us. 

When a guest wants to talk to us during our lunch or dinner rush, we have to balance our “now” business with our “future” business. Both are equally important to us, and Feast has helped us manage this exponentially!”

Joshua Gentry, CEO, Little Donkey

Feast comes in to help local restaurants make the most of their catering orders. Feast’s founders, Brett Ables and Erin Hill, have spent years in the restaurant industry. Thanks to their experience, they know just how important it is to team up with local restaurants to take away the stress of managing catering orders.

With Feast, restaurants get a third party that gets to know their brand and makes sure the customer doesn’t have to sacrifice. They work with former restaurant pros who know the ins and outs of catering

“I’ve been dealing with 3rd party vendors for years. This is the most empathetic group I’ve ever experienced. A true partnership.”

Joshua Gentry, CEO, Little Donkey

Want a taste of how Feast gets the deliciousness from restaurants to your table? Here are all the deets. 👇

Brett Ables and Wil Drake
Brett Ables and Wil Drake discussing opportunities for growth in the Birmingham area. Photo via Alex Wayland for Feast
  1. Feast has a dedicated call center ready to walk customers through their catering order. For the customers who prefer to order online, Feast provides a user-friendly platform with a variety of amazing restaurants.
  2. Once Feast has all of the details from the customer the restaurant is able to do what they do best: make tasty food.
  3. A Feast driver arrives at the scheduled time and delivers the catering order to the customer, which means the restaurant is able to keep their staff focused on serving customers inside the four walls.

“Feast is designed to be an extension of each restaurant partner. Catering orders are great for increasing profit margins. Unfortunately, very few restaurants have the resources necessary to provide these customers with the attention they need to navigate such large orders. The restaurant industry is still trying to find its footing, and these customers are ordering very large meals daily, so they don’t have time to wait. We are ready to solve their problems now.”

Brett Ables, Co-Founder, Feast

The restaurants you know and love already value working with Feast, because they see just how much Feast values them.

“It’s been a 10/10 – so glad we made this decision!”

Jeremy Chambers, COO, Hero Doughnuts & Buns

Are you as excited as we are about this amazing company? Sign up to join Feast today.

A win for Bham restaurants + hungry customers

Little Donkey founder handing catering order to Brett Ables
Anyone else hungry for an easier catering platform? Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

When local businesses in Birmingham succeed, we all thrive. Catering orders give restaurants a chance to raise profits and create new jobs, but many third-party businesses take a huge cut of the profit.

Feast is fighting against that because, at the heart of their business, they want to support everyone in the restaurant industry. From restaurant founders and kitchen staff to servers and delivery drivers, each restaurant employee is part of a big family. Feast wants to make sure everyone in that restaurant family has the support they need.

“In the restaurant business, margins are very thin. If we can maximize our productivity by adding catering revenue, it’s a win AND more and more guests want the convenience of catering. Feast helps both us and the customer.”

Joshua Gentry, CEO, Little Donkey

Show your fave restaurants ❤️ by supporting Feast

Rodney Scott's BBQ crew member carrying Birmingham catering
From Rodney Scott’s pit to your table. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Whether you’re working in the restaurant industry or you just want to support local restaurants (and make your life easier), you don’t want to miss what Feast is serving up. They’re changing Birmingham catering for the better, and we’re hungry to see what they cook up next.

“We’re excited to grow with Feast in other markets we are currently operating in!”

Jeremy Chambers, COO, Hero Doughnuts & Buns

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