Cahaba Brewing Co. debuts rum, spirits + cocktails—details here

Cahaba Brewing Co
Cahaba Brewing Co. now sells rum. Photo via Cahaba Brewing Co.

Cahaba Brewing Company’s beloved beers are now sharing the spotlight. The brewery has announced they’ve added spirits and cocktails to their menu with the delicious release of their Cahaba Rum. Read on for all the details.

Oh sweet Cahaba Rum

Cahaba Brewing Co
Pick up a bottle of Cahaba Rum now for a limited time. Photo via Cahaba Brewing Co.

Learning how drinks are made always fascinates me. Don’t even get me started on how long I can watch the canning process at some of Birmingham’s local breweries. 

So here’s a peek into the making and flavors of Cahaba Brewing Co.’s Cahaba Rum:

  • It’s distilled from molasses + pure cane sugar.
  • It’s aged for 12 months in Cahaba Bourbon barrels.
  • It features notes of caramel apple, butterscotch + vanilla bean with aromas of cinnamon sugar, oak + toffee.

How to order it

Sure, you can shoot Cahaba Rum straight, but I suggest trying it in one of the brewery’s new cocktails. 

Here are some to choose from:

  • Grapefruit Mojito: grapefruit juice, lime juice + Cahaba Rum
  • Old Fashioned: maple syrup, bitters, Cahaba Rum
  • Peaceful Peach: peach purée, lemon juice, Milo’s sweet tea + Cahaba Rum
  • Shabba: seasonal libation with orange juice, pineapple juice + lime

Psst! Bottles of Cahaba Rum will be available for purchase, but only for a limited time. Act fast—grab yours now from Cahaba’s Taproom.  

More rum in the city

Campesino Rum
Campesino Rum. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

For more local spirits, here are 6 made in Birmingham that will amp up your cocktails.

Are you excited about Cahaba Brewing’s venture into spirits and cocktails? We sure are.

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