Meet Ignite Cycle’s newest faces + how to get discounted unlimited rides


Ignite Cycle
New instructors, who dis? Photo via Bham Now

It’s hot girl (and boy!) summer, right? What better way to take care of your mind, body and soul than with a 🔥 class at Ignite Cycle. As a matter of fact, the next time you step into the studio, don’t be surprised to see some new faces. Let’s meet the newest instructors lighting it up in The Bike Room, shall we?

Behind the bike

As Ignite Cycle continues to expand with its upcoming location in Lane Parke, it only makes sense that Riders will soon see new faces riding at the front podium. Get used to seeing AJ, AK and Christian around the studio as the team’s newest additions.

Meet A.J.

Ignite Cycle
As someone who can quote every single Marvel movie, you may want to catch up on your Avengers movies before your RIde. Photo via Bham Now

Even though you’ll ride with people of all genders, the IC Instructor team has been made up of only female Instructors…until now. A.J. is currently a graduate student at UAB pursuing his dual master’s degree in Health Administration and Public Health. As Ignite Cycle’s first male instructor, don’t be surprised to see him bopping around Birmingham at some of his favorite spots like Helen, Atomic Lounge, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

During Rides with A.J., he’s got a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone. Between 90’s throwbacks to current bops, you can expect high energy and maybe even some sing alongs if you’re not out of breathe, of course. Just know that you’re definitely going to leave class happier than when you entered.

I joined the Ignite team to give people the same amazing experience that I received when I first started. I was met with so much compassion and acceptance that without a doubt shaped my entire experience to this day. This is an amazing place and I just want everyone who walks through those doors to feel the same way I get to feel every time I clip into that bike.

A.J. of Ignite Cycle

Meet AK

Ignite Cycle
Anna Kate throughout Birmingham, but AK on the bike. Photo via Bham Now

With over 10 Jonas Brothers concerts under her belt, AK is about to be burnin’ up The Bike Room. As a Birmingham-Southern grad, some people may know her as Anna Kate, but at Ignite it’s AK. When she’s not busy enjoying walks through Forest Park, AK is also working at a commercial real estate firm because it’s all about the #GIRLBOSS vibes…duh!

I’ve been part of the Ignite Front Desk Team on and off since we opened! I originally joined because, selfishly, I wanted more of the badass energy you experience in The Bike Room. Deciding to audition to become an Ignite Instructor came from my desire to impact our Riders in a new way–as an instructor. I’ve learned soooo much throughout the training process. Most notably, I’ve learned that we are so much more capable than we often give ourselves credit for. 

AK of Ignite Cycle

Her goal for every Ride is to hype every single Rider up with high energy and an emphasis on celebrating what you can do. Riders can expect music that will make you want to move with pop remixes and hip-hop tracks.

Meet Christian

Ignite Cycle
Meet Christian a.k.a. Starbursts’ next spokesperson. Photo via Bham Now

Birmingham native, Christian, always has Starbursts on hand. She attended the University of Alabama where she studied Exercise Science and Pre-Professional Studies & Fitness so becoming an instructor at Birmingham’s only cycle studio just makes sense. When Christian isn’t behind the bike, you can catch her at Red Mountain Park or anywhere that serves good seafood.

After falling in love with the warm, community-driven atmosphere provided at Ignite, I was eager to join the team, and it was the BEST decision! Training is TOUGH! Connecting with Riders and pushing them to reveal their best selves is my biggest takeaway from IC training.

Christian of Ignite Cycle

Christian plans to exude high energy and uplifting vibes. What more can you ask for? Since she’s a fan of all genres, you’ll get a good mix of rhythms and beats that ignite your inner fire.

Your turn! Book your bike…but on a budget.

Ignite Cycle
Photo via Bham Now

We’ll be the first to admit that clipping into the bike can bring butterflies to your stomach, but after a class full of your favorite tunes and motivating instructor, you walk out feeling like a million bucks (you can take our word for it 👀).

Whether you’re a regular that knows every routine by heart, a Rider who’s looking to get back into the groove of things or brand new to Ignite Cycle, every class is for EVERYone. And what better excuse to tap into the best parts of yourself than with unlimited Rides?

Here’s how to get your unlimited rides in July + August for just $120 a month:

  1. Email
  2. Create email with subject line of Summer NOW
  3. The Ignite Cycle team will help hook you up with unlimited rides for $120 a month. 

Ready to ride? Book your bike here. Still have Q’s? Get all of your questions answered here. And keep that Ignite energy allll day with them on their Instagram.

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