4 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about Ignite Cycle in Birmingham. Win 10 FREE rides + merch!

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So the Bham Now team decided to field trip to the Ignite Cycle Studio in Pepper Place the other morning…

Ignite Cycle is gearing up to celebrate their 6 month anniversary, and we are PUMPED. You’ve probably heard about the new boutique cycling studio in Pepper Place. But if you haven’t checked it out yet, this story’s for you. We’re answering 4 questions you might not find on the FAQ—Plus, we’re giving away 10 FREE rides and Ignite Cycle merch to celebrate 6 months of killing the cycling game in Birmingham. 

1. Will I die?💥

Okay, yes but in the best possible way. I actually took my first Ignite Cycle class a few months ago for a Bham Now story, and it was unlike anything I’ve done before. I was pretty anxious before the class because I don’t work out regularly. (Or ever……) So I was scared that I couldn’t keep up. 

Yes, that is me in front on the right. And yes, I am dying in this photo.

But once the class started, the worry went away. The only thing I could focus on was Tiffany leading the class and the movements. Your body kind of takes over, and mine showed me it was capable of way more than I realized. It wasn’t easy, but it is worth it. I actually enjoyed the soreness after because I knew I pushed myself.

2. Will everyone be watching me? 🆘

Let’s be honest. Everyone has probably thought about this one. I know I have. The fear of judgement is real, but not in this space. Remember that everyone is there for their own reasons, to conquer their unique goals, and are putting themselves out there just like you.

We really took team bonding to the next level at Ignite. Incredible.

Stacy Roberts, first ride August 9th: “…As a new rider, I didn’t want to be in the front of the room. I didn’t want people watching me thinking ‘look at that girl—must be her first ride.’ So I opted for a back row bike…

Here is what I have learned, many rides later: no one was watching me. Just like I am not watching anyone else, but the instructor for the ride. There is so much going on during a ride that you can only concentrate on what YOU are doing.

I am thinking about so much during MY ride that I don’t see what other people are doing…the occasional shout out or heavy breathing in the room just lets me know that the other riders are working and fighting through their ride just like me. We all ride together.” 

Laughing on the outside. Crying on the inside. Just kidding—kind of.

P.S. My favorite part? The studio is dark throughout the ride with candles lit in front and a soft colored light illuminating the back wall. 

3. How many guys actually ride? 🚹

Surprisingly, more than you’d think. It’s definitely a female-dominated workout, but don’t let that mislead you—it’s tough. And for anyone and everyone who wants to get moving. It’s just as empowering for the guys as the girls…but I’ll let Wade Cline, a Bham Nower and our resident Ignite Cycler share;

Wade, pictured in front, is definitely in his zone here.

Wade Cline, first ride July 1st: “I definitely believe more guys should try out Ignite Cycle! I’ve been on about 20 rides and I can’t get enough of it. Ignite has allowed me to not only get a great cardio workout, but also helps with my overall muscle development.

Sure, there are stigmas with ‘spin’ classes being female focused, but Ignite is different. Forget the stigmas and come workout. You won’t regret it.”

4. What if I can’t hang? 💦

That is a genuine concern. But not one to fixate on, because the answer is simple. YES. It’s all subjective. If not being able to “hang” means not keeping up with the class, forget that. The only expectations the instructors have for you during class is to TRY. They don’t care if you hit every beat, every move or motion. It’s all about how much effort you give.

Two BIG moods at Ignite. Content Producers, Nathan and Sheila killing it at their first Ignite class!

Andrew Hard, first ride July 19th: “I was initially worried if I could keep up with the class but the instructors were extremely friendly and very motivating. Once the upbeat music starts, the 45 mins flies by in no time! After the first class I knew Ignite Cycle was going to be a game changer in regards to my health and fitness goals

My body has changed so much for the better in the last few weeks I’ve been going to Ignite Cycle and I’m loving the improved health and physical results!! I’m hooked to say the least and look forward to my early morning classes.”

My fellow Bham Nowers killed it during this class. So proud.

If you try it for yourself, don’t be afraid to take a break. That’s normal, and encouraged. Just listen to your body, but come in with a motivated mindset because usually the biggest thing holding you back isn’t your body—it’s your mind.

How To Win 10 FREE Rides + Ignite Cycle Merch 🎉

Don’t miss our Ignite Cycle giveaway happening Tuesday, 9/3 on our Instagram celebrating Ignite’s 6 month anniversary! You could win a 10 ride pack (Valued at $180) AND some Ignite Cycle swag. I’m here for it.

Racks on racks of the hottest Ignite Cycle merch at their studio in Pepper Place.

So did we answer some of your questions? I’m guessing you probably have a few more. Good thing there’s an entire Ignite FAQ page here and an entire page dedicated to answering first ride Q’s here.

If you’re already sold, book your bike online here, and follow Ignite Cycle on Instagram for updates and some 🔥🔥🔥 motivation. 

Photos by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

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