Honeycreeper Chocolate + basic. find new home on Second Avenue

Honeycreeper Chocolate and basic move into their new home on Second Avenue.
Honeycreeper and basic. move into their new location on Second Ave. Photo via Honeycreeper Chocolate Facebook

Fashion and chocolate—a tried and true combo. There’s a new sustainable spot coming to Second Avenue North combining two of our favs, Honeycreeper Chocolate and basic. We have all the deets!

Home sweet Honeycreeper

Starting from their storefront on Morris Avenue in 2018, Honeycreeper Chocolate and basic., their shared storefront, have taken the leap to move into a new space located on Second Avenue in downtown Birmingham, and we can’t wait to see them open.

This bean-to-bar chocolate shop’s mission is to sell ethical chocolate as a craft chocolate retailer, and support the fair trade process. In addition to the delicious chocolate, Honeycreeper also sells other treats such as bonbons, confections and more.

Basic., a sustainable women’s clothing shop, will be joining them along for the ride, as they share space with Honeycreeper. Through working with indie designers to create timeless designs, basic. is a gem for any sustainable shopper.

A look at the good stuff.
A look at the good stuff. Photo via Honeycreeper Chocolate Facebook

Our goal was to combine bean-to-bar chocolate and slow fashion to create a welcoming space dedicated to teaching folks about where their stuff comes from.

Honeycreeper Chocolate, Facebook

The shop is set to open late this summer. Keep up with Honeycreeper and basic. on their ventures by visiting their websites here and here. Let’s welcome them to Second Avenue, folks!

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Second Avenue has paved the way for revitalization of downtown Birmingham, and local favorites such as El Barrio, Yo Mama’s, and East West could end up being one of Honeycreeper’s neighbors on the block. Although Honeycreeper has not officially opened, we are so excited for what they will contribute to the vibrant Second Avenue.

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