9 confectioneries that will satisfy those sweet Easter cravings

edgars bakery easter cake
I’m telling you now, don’t read this hungry. Photo via Edgar’s Bakery

With our another socially-distant Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about where the Easter Bunny will get all his treats. Fill up your basket and eggs with spring-time candy from these nine Birmingham shops.

Warning: don’t read this while hungry. Find the first (or last) part of your Easter feast with this Bham Now guide.


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1. Birmingham Candy Company

Birmingham, The Birmingham Candy Company, Easter, candy, chocolate, easter candy
Just a few of the lovely Easter candy options from the Birmingham Candy Company. Photo via The Birmingham Candy Company

If you Google “Birmingham candy”, the Birmingham Candy Company is one of the first sites that pops up, and for good reason. This Easter, this beloved shop is serving up all the candy you can fit in your Easter basket. .

2. Chocolata

Gorgeous and gourmet. Photo via Chocolatá Artisanal Chocolates

Chocolata offers decadent chocolate so beautifully designed it’s almost hard to eat. Happily their candies taste as good as they look. This Easter, check out their Socially-Distant Bunnies, Easter Eggs and more.

3. Sugar, Inc.

sugar inc crestline
Sugar, Inc. has Easter candy galore. Photo via Sugar Inc

Get allllll (and we mean ALL) your Easter candy needs at Sugar, Inc. From filling the kids’ Easter baskets to throwing a small party for your best bunnies, Sugar, Inc. has what you need to make this the sweetest Easter yet.

4. Honeycreeper Chocolate

honeycreeper chocolate
Just a few of the decadent chocolate options from Honeycreeper. Photo via Honeycreeper Chocolate

What better way to celebrate Spring and Easter than with treats from this local shop. This year, upgrade your marshmallow game with some of their gourmet Creekside mallows. These range in flavor from birthday cake to toasted coconut.

5. Match Chocolate

match chocolate
The Coco Crunch Inclusion Bar from Match. Photo via Match Chocolate

Made right here in the ‘ham, Match Chocolate offers a gourmet variety of bean-to-bar chocolate. This spring season, consider adding the Coco Crunch and Elderberry Inclusion Bars to your Easter candy stash. As Match Chocolate’s website says, “this bar is very snackable and you won’t want to share.”

cookie fix
Cookie Fix’s ever-changing flavors are always a crowd favorite. Photo via Cookie Fix’s Facebook

If you’re not feeling the traditional Easter candy, Cookie Fix has you covered. This year, have the Easter bunny fill your basket with the newly-announced Blueberry Jumble, Lemon Tea Cake and Lemon Blondie.

  • Where: 2854 18th Street South, Homewood, Alabama 35209; 3152 Heights Village, Birmingham, Alabama 35243
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM | Saturday, 11AM-5PM
  • Website Instagram Facebook | Contact

7. Dreamcakes Bakery

Cupcakes from Dreamcakes. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Let’s not lie to ourselves, Easter-themed cakes are some of the cutest desserts out there. Dreamcakes does this extraordinarily well. This year, I recommend the traditional Easter carrot cake, decorated with a full-sized bunny (made of sugar, don’t worry) on top.

8. Edgars Bakery

edgar's bakery easter cake
Coconut cake + Easter candy = true delight. Photo via Edgar’s Bakery

A Birmingham (and Alabama) favorite, Edgar’s Bakery has some stunning Easter treats for your celebration this year. Order pastries ranging from cakes and cupcakes to Danishes and cookies for your eggstravaganza. If you’re going for a traditional style, check out this festive twist on a coconut cake.

9. K+J’s Elegant Pastries

k+j's elegant pastries cupcakes
Check out the amazing Banana Pudding cupcakes from K+J’s Elegant Pastries. Photo via K+J’s Elegant Pastries

Banana Pudding cupcakes are just one of the incredible flavors you can experience at K+J’s Elegant Pastries in Alabaster. The shop also offers a menu full of custom cakes and milkshakes.

Be on the lookout for the K+J food truck—you’re gonna wanna stop for a treat.

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Here at Bham Now, we love supporting local.

If you’re looking to shop local, but don’t know where to start, check out our local business directory with 690 businesses.

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