5 Local Corgis bring the Magic (and the Fur) to Birmingham [Photos]

Flying corgi
Bridget the champion fly dog on agility course. Photo via Elizabeth Lee, owner

Long before the breed became an internet sensation, I’ve had the distinct honor of raising two Welsh Corgi partners in crime. We swapped pics and stories with other local Corgi owners in the Magic City Corgis and Friends group on Facebook to learn about five outstanding Corgis in Birmingham. Be warned: cuteness overload ahead!

Corgis are whip-smart big dogs in little dog bodies. Bridget from Birmingham is the #1 ranked Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the North American Flyball Association. Owner Elizabeth Lee confirms that Bridget is enjoying her retirement years after earning plenty of titles and treat-os in her ten-year sporting career.

Why we love ’em

Corgi with tennis balls
Heidi the tri-color Corgi is all ears–and smiles. Photo via owner, Ashley Vourlotis

Corgis must have been at the head of the line when they were handing out beauty and brains. They absolutely *love* people and will stop, drop and roll for anyone willing to get down on their level for a belly rub. The stubby legs, the tail nubs, the floofy butts and those radar ears that can detect a cheese wrapper opening from downstairs win us over with that photogenic smile. When we take our two Corgis out to a pet-friendly patio pub, Simon and Henry always secure us the best available table.

The sploot

Corgi sploot
Shiloh models the Corgi “sploot” all decked out in his holiday jammies. Photo via owner, Clayton

Other breeds can do it too, but the Corgi has perfected it. Shiloh’s daddies, Clayton and Matt, are fans of all things UK where Queen Elizabeth has famously raised Corgis since she was but a princess. They knew the Corgi was the way to go.

Care to converse? Corgis do too! For instance, they want to tell you all about their day with boofs (a closed-mouth woof), borks and bar-OOOs. My guys also bar-OOO along with any NOAA weather alert or distant siren. Birmingham Corgi pupper Korben, is the boss of boofs. As in, “Hey, a leaf blew across the yard.” Boof. “Furthermore, I don’t like how many birds are sitting on that branch.” Boof. The bork is for more serious infractions, like to tattle that the cat isn’t following the rules and is on the counter again.

What we wish we’d known earlier

corgi fur
JoJo poses proudly next to her pile of fur. Photo via owner, Misty Snow.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard Corgis shed. No. You don’t understand. This is epic, next-level shedding. Daily brushing, vacuuming and even expensive blowouts at the groomer can’t stop the tumbleweeds of fur on your floor. In other words, there’s going to be fur in your glass of chardonnay.

Their jaws of destruction bring doom to any high-test chew toys, charge cords and baseboards. Chew toys are gutted of their fluffy contents. Paper towel tubes become confetti.

When a Corgi is done, a Corgi is DONE

corgi with flags
A not-so-subtle message that Toby is done with this photo sesh. Photo via Kaitlyn Phillips

Whether you take a Birmingham Corgi on a leash walk around Railroad Park or let ’em lose with us at a Corgi meet-up in Remy’s Dog Park at Red Mountain, they’ll go, go, go. Until they won’t, like Toby. His owner, Kaitlyn Phillips got the message loud and clear that he’d had enough of the Memorial Day photo shoot, thank you very much.

Do you have a Corgi in Birmingham? Let us know! Tag us on Instagram @bhamnow to share your favorite corgi pics & stories!

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