Meet Magic City Dentistry’s new dentist, Dr. Mollie Helf


Magic City Dentistry
Dr. Helf, Magic City Dentistry’s new dentist. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Earlier this year, Magic City Dentistry welcomed a new member to their staff—Dr. Mollie Helf! Dr. Helf recently took over as the primary dentist at Magic City Dentistry, so we popped over to visit and learn more about her story.

Meet Dr. Mollie Helf (and her adorable puppies)

Magic City Dentistry
John & Mollie holding their two puppies, Charlie and Buddy (the Helf). Photo by Andrew Reece, courtesy of Dr. Mollie Helf

Dr. Mollie Helf and her husband, John, are Birmingham natives through-and-through. She grew up in Homewood with a family full of medical professionals—internal medicine, nurses, optometrists and more—so it makes sense that Dr. Helf would excel in dentistry! Dr. Helf and her husband live in Vestavia Hills and take care of two adorable puppies, Charlie and Buddy.

How did you and your husband meet?

Dr. Helf: “We actually grew up as neighbors in Homewood! We ended up going to different colleges, but we started dating our junior year of college and got married during my first year of dental school. Now we’ve been married for about five and a half years.”

What are some of your Birmingham favorites?

Dr. Helf: “My husband and I love the outdoors, so we really enjoy hiking and taking our dogs out to Red Mountain Park. We love trying new things in Birmingham, and our list of things to try is always growing.

Since we’re both from Homewood, it’s been so cool to see our hometown grow into something bigger and more beautiful than we ever thought it could be.”

Making Her Mark at Magic City Dentistry

Magic City Dentistry
Dr. Helf inside the reception room. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Dr. Helf officially joined the team on May 24th—and she’s had a blast! Like most people visiting Magic City Dentistry for the first time, she was blown away by the unique atmosphere and unforgettable staff. But that’s not all—Dr. Helf definitely brings a lot to the table:

Tell us a bit about your career before coming to Magic City Dentistry.

Dr Helf: “After I graduated from dental school in 2019, I took a job at a dental practice in Cullman. It was a great gig, and I learned a lot—how to love and invest in my patients. Then, I worked at an office in Hoover until COVID-19 hit. My next job was in Tuscaloosa at a corporate dental office.

Then, I learned about Magic City Dentistry. It was near to home and had a great reputation, so I knew I wanted to join the team!”

What were your first impressions of Magic City Dentistry?

Dr. Helf: “It is completely different than any other dental office I’ve been in. The staff here is so open and kind, and they go out of their way to make sure that everyone feels welcome—whether they’re a patient or the new dentist! I’ve been able to jump right into the workflow here without a hitch, so it has been such an easy transition.”

How do you think your past jobs have prepared you for Magic City Dentistry?

Dr. Helf: “I’ve been fortunate to experience so many environments and scenarios in my dental career, and it’s all culminated in my new role. Magic City Dentistry aims to be a one-stop-shop for dentistry, so my experiences really help us to offer more procedures to patients in need.”

Learn More & Meet Dr. Helf at Magic City Dentistry

Magic City Dentistry
Need a check-up? Swing by and meet Dr. Helf to make sure your pearly whites are clean! Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Want to meet the new dentist on the block? Stop by Magic City Dentistry to say hi and schedule a quick check-up!

Their hours are:

  • 7AM—5PM, Monday to Wednesday
  • 7AM—3PM, Thursday
  • 8AM—12PM, Friday
  • Closed Saturday & Sunday

Have you had a check-up with Dr. Mollie Helf yet? Tag @magic_city_dentistry on Instagram to let them know!

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