Meet two hygienists at Magic City Dentistry in downtown Birmingham who make going to the dentist fun

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Marilu and Donna. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow

Magic City Dentistry is a dental office like no other. Meet two of the hygienists that make Magic City Dentistry so special!

Get to know Magic City Dentistry

Magic City Dentistry facade
Magic City Dentistry is in the heart of downtown Birmingham. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow.

Located in downtown Birmingham right next to Atomic Lounge, Magic City Dentistry has been getting stellar reviews since their start last year. The office is part dentistry, part art gallery, and all fun. They even had a huge 1 year anniversary birthday bash with local art, music, food and drinks!

So what keeps Magic City Dentistry patients coming back? At its core, patients return because of two things: the people and the procedures.

Meet Marilu Domingo

Marilu Domingo, a hygienist at MCD
Marilu Domingo of Magic City Dentistry. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow

Although she is the newest hygienist at Magic City Dentistry, Marilu is quickly making a name for herself among patients due to her positivity and professionalism. As for herself, Marilu loves the environment at Magic City Dentistry.

“The attitude here is what makes Magic City Dentistry so unique. Everyone is so positive and loving.”

Marilu Domingo

Meet Donna Flores

Donna Flores, a hygienist at MCD
Donna Flores of Magic City Dentistry. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow

Since Donna Flores has been a hygienist with Magic City Dentistry since the beginning, she is loved by all the patients. In fact, many reviews mention Donna by name!

Marilu and Donna first met in dental school and became fast friends. However, they ended up working at separate offices after graduation. Now, they get the chance to work together in a fun, positive work environment.

“Several patients I’ve had were super anxious about coming to the dentist after not having a cleaning for years. But by the end of the appointment, they’re so glad they came.”

Donna Flores

3 unique services that MCD offers

The examination room has a super comfy chair, phone chargers, and Netflix on the TV. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow.

Magic City Dentistry offers a ton of services that aren’t necessarily offered at other dental practices. Check out these three examples: 

1) Treatment for periodontal disease

Donna Flores with a happy patient. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that can eventually destroy the tissue and bones around your teeth. Most general dental offices outsource periodontal disease treatment to specialists, which can become pricey and inconvenient. The hygienists at Magic City Dentistry are well trained in the procedures. 

You can learn more about Magic City Dentistry’s periodontal disease treatment online!

2) Free whitening for life

Big smiles for pretty teeth! Photo via Magic City Dentistry’s Instagram.

Who doesn’t want clean pearly-whites? However, it can be difficult to keep your teeth looking fresh, especially if you’re a coffee drinker like me.

Luckily, Magic City Dentistry can help with that. Each patient gets 2 syringes of whitening bleach every six months to use whenever they like. So you get to maintain your pretty white teeth–for free!

3) $99 cleanings, including x-rays

The team at Magic City Dentistry. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow.

“A lot of people haven’t had their teeth cleaned since when their mom made them go to the dentist. We want to change that. We like to say we are painless in the chair and in your wallet.”

Kristye Dixon, Practice Manager

Without dental insurance, it can be scary to go to the dentist! For that reason, many people choose to put off going to the dentist. However, this is not healthy for your teeth and gums.

In order to create a more accessible option for Birmingham, Magic City Dentistry offers teeth cleanings (including x-rays) for just $99! That price is unheard of, and incredibly helpful for those without dental insurance.

Want to learn more?

Visit the website or call 205.238.6800 to learn about all the incredible features of Magic City Dentistry.

If you’re scared of going to the dentist’s, give Magic City Dentistry a chance to change your mind. Make sure to let us know what you think by tagging @BhamNow !

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