Cheers! Chez Lulu reopens for outdoor dining, Thursdays-Sundays

Chez Lulu
I know where I’m going to dinner this weekend. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Birmingham foodies, we’ve got great news for you. Chez Lulu recently reopened for outdoor dining for dinner from Thursdays to Sundays. We talked to Chez Lulu’s Carole Griffin about the Lulu experience and what you can expect from the popular cafe.

Serving dinner from Thursdays to Sundays

Chez Lulu in English Village
We’ve missed this English Village spot. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

If you’ve ever tried Chez Lulu’s dishes, you know why we’re so excited about this news. Chez Lulu is now serving dinner on their sidewalk tables from Thursdays to Sundays from 5-10PM.

Like other local restaurants, they had to shift and change each day throughout the pandemic. Their call-in orders and business at Continental Bakery ramped up. They temporarily closed Chez Lulu during the winter months, but thanks to the warm weather, they can bring outdoor dining back.

“We try to provide an experience that’s more than just the food. We want to provide a soulful experience where all of your senses are stimulated and satisfied. It felt like a disservice to the Lulu experience to send out food in a little container.”

Carole Griffin, Owner, Chez Lulu

Throughout the pandemic, Carole and the whole team at Chez Lulu and Continental Bakery were incredibly respectful of protocols. Thanks to their dedication, they had zero cases of employee-to-employee transmission during the entire year.

Our employees are family, now more than ever. They always were which is what inspired us to pay such care to the protocols.

Carole Griffin

French soul food in English Village

Chez Lulu
Bon appétit, Bham. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

At Chez Lulu, you’ll find more than a great meal (trust me, you will definitely find that). But you’ll also experience a quirky atmosphere and the comfortable vibe from the employees who treat each other like family.

“We wanted to get back in touch with our customers. We wanted to bring Lulu back.”

Carole Griffin, Owner, Chez Lulu

The menu is full of the French soul food you know and love, but keep an eye out because they love to unveil new and exciting dishes. Their menu items keep in touch with the soul of everyday people and introduce other flavors, all while allowing the beauty of the food to speak for itself.

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