Exclusive look: Discover Plaza Suite, a comedy showing at the Virginia Samford Theatre April 15-25


VST 1 Exclusive look: Discover Plaza Suite, a comedy showing at the Virginia Samford Theatre April 15-25
Husband and wife team Nick and Kelsey Crawford play the main characters in all three acts of Plaza Suite. Photo via the Virginia Samford Theatre

Three acts, one hotel room and a million laughs. Plaza Suite, a comedy by Neil Simon, lets the audience spy on separate stories in the same hotel room. Husband and wife duo Nick and Kelsey Crawford put their on-stage relationship to the test thrice over as they play the main characters in every act. See if they leave you laughing when you purchase tickets for the show running Thursdays-Saturdays, April 15-25 at the Virginia Samford Theatre (VST).

Plaza Suite is a hilariously told, seriously good show

Nick Crawford on set of Plaza Suite at the Virginia Samford Theatre
That face you make when you’ve spent half a fortune on your daughter’s wedding and now she refuses to come out of the hotel bathroom. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Plaza Suite, which Director Arthur Hiller adapted into a movie in 1971, was originally set to premiere on Broadway last year. Director John Benjamin Hickey cast mega-stars and real-life spouses Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick as the main characters.

The VST’s adaptation takes a smiliar cue and features local actors Nick and Kelsey Crawford. We’re happy they did, because watching Nick and Kelsey on stage it’s evident the two work well together on and off-mic.

Nick and Kelsey portray three very contrasting relationships in the same hotel room—suite 719. Shifting between the different dynamics isn’t easy, but the two work together like magic.

“Working with each other is always a fun experience. The comfort and trust is already there. We feed off of each other’s energy to create these characters together. These characters have a long-standing history together and hopefully, the audience will see our chemistry and creativity in these characters.”

Nick and Kelsey Crawford
Plaza Suite marquee
Plaza Suite shows on the Virginia Samford Theatre mainstage April 15-25. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now
  • What: Plaza Suite, a three-act comedy showing on the Virginia Samford Theatre Mainstage
  • Where: 1116 26th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205
  • More information: Buy Tickets | Website | Facebook | Instagram

More to life than laughs (but they’re a big part of it!)

Despite being a comedy, you’ll still get stories from each character that draw you in and hook you to the show. From marriages and meetups to milestones and betrayals, everyone will recognize themes from real life.

“This play is a little slice of life. These characters while in some instances exaggerated, are also very relatable. The best parts are those little ‘aha’ self-discovery moments in the middle of all the laughs.”

Nick and Kelsey Crawford

You’ll see a behind-the-scenes storyline of a marriage that’s lasted two decades and then in the following act switch to look at one that hasn’t even begun. Each separate story offers a front-row seat to the inner workings of complicated relationships.

Why has Mimsey locked herself in the bathroom right before a grand wedding reception? Can a married couple of 20 years last one more? Will the match strike again on an old flame?

Discover each of the answers to these questions by exploring the in-depth background of the characters who provoke them.

“Each character has a deep, rich background; unique stories and relationship dynamics. Each couple is in a different place in their relationship and it’s fun experiencing their discoveries.”

Nick and Kelsey Crawford

Zoom out on the bigger picture

Even actors aren’t immune to Zoom fatigue. Director David McMahon originally worked with the couple via the video service from New York City.

“Having our first rehearsals via Zoom, we were able to discuss each act and work through these characters’ objectives. It gave us a kind of head start. When we got to the theatre to start staging, we felt more connected to the story and were able to pound out blocking fairly quickly.”

Nick and Kelsey Crawford

With masks on and social distancing, rehearsals have continued to take place in person. Relationships are hard work, but playing three different ones in the same show during the time of COVID-19 deserves a standing ovation.

Purchase tickets to Plaza Suite before they’re sold out through their website or by calling 205-251-1206.

Keep up with future shows at the Virginia Samford Theatre via their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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