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Find your next date with Set Me Up. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Finding your next date is hard enough, and current dating apps with their constant stream of pointless conversations don’t make it any easier. Now, the Birmingham-based app Set Me Up is changing the dating game and making first dates fun.

Set Me Up is a unique dating app founded by Adelaide Matte that matches people based on personality and sends them out on a first date without the mindless chatter of other dating apps. See how you can use the app to find your next date.

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1. Take the questionnaire + make a profile

set me up dating app
First step: make your Set Me Up profile. Photo via Set Me Up

Start your Set Me Up experience by creating a profile and taking the questionnaire. The goal of the questionnaire is to let the app’s AI learn enough about you that it can pair you with the best match possible.

Part of your profile is selecting your availability for a date with the calendar feature. This section allows you to already prepare to meet your date, and it takes away the back-and-forth of finding the right time.

“Signing up and filling out my profile was straightforward and easy! I was notified that I was matched and given the date, time and location of my date as promised.”


2. Meet your match

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Set Me Up matches you with dates based on a customized algorithm. Photo via Matthew Niblett

Using data from your profile and the questionnaire, Set Me Up pairs you with the ideal match. Users can get to know their date by viewing their profile before entering the chatroom.

Once you get your match, you can immediately start planning your first date.

“I love the entire concept of Set Me Up. The matchmaking was great! I had so much in common with my date so conversation flowed easily and there was so much to talk about. I’m already trying to get some of my friends to sign up.”


3. Enter the chatroom + plan your date

set me up dating app

Set Me Up’s controlled chatroom sets it apart from other dating apps. Rather than wading through piles of matches and saying the same thing over and over again, Set Me Up streamlines the process with a selection of pre-written messages.

The goal of the chatroom feature is solely to plan your date with your match. No “what do you do for fun?” or “is that actually your dog?” This app makes first dates possible by keeping the conversation clear.

You pick the kind of activity you and your date want to do while in the chatroom, set up a time and location, and get ready to go.

Once you set your date, Set Me Up sends a calendar invite to both parties with information on where to meet at the location.

“Everything went smoothly and I really enjoyed the way it was set up. Took the pressure off of the first date feel, but also provided fun anticipation.”


Download Set Me Up in the Apple and Google Play stores.

4. Go on the date!

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Grab a drink, meet for coffee, or share a meal with your Set Me Up date. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Now for the fun part, and the whole point of Set Me Up—going on a date with your match. Through its many community partners, Set Me Up offers you a variety of locations for your first date. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Back Forty Brewing
  • Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar
  • Collins Bar
  • Farm Bowl
  • Homewood Bagel Co
  • Carrigan’s Public House
  • Church Street Coffee and Books

Before your date, Set Me Up will send you a reminder notification with the photo of the person you are meeting. You can also choose to send a friend a message letting them know where you are going for your date, just to be on the safe side.

“I loved not having to plan anything and just showing up with all the details figured out made it so easy! It was good exploring new places in Birmingham while also getting to meet new people.”


The Set Me Up experience

Download Set Me Up today. Video via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

After your date, head to your date history tab to review your experience with your date This review is crucial, especially if you’re looking to go on more dates, because it helps Set Me Up set you up with better matches next time.

See what people are saying about the app and dating experience:

“Overall, I had a good time. My date was nice and we were able to maintain conversation throughout the night. Unfortunately, I am not really attracted to my date. We had a little bit in common from what I gathered and knew a bunch of mutual people. I really enjoyed the experience but I’m not sure whether or not we will go out again.”


“The overall experience was great. Set Me Up was absolutely wonderful and extremely transparent about the process and expected experience. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what happened with the guy which is a bummer but that’s out of our control. I really appreciated the help! Dating has become an extreme pain, even pre-pandemic. Set Me Up lightens the load of all the pressures of app dating.”


With Set Me Up, you’ll never have trouble finding a first date again. Learn more about the app in these Bham Now stories on dating during the pandemic (and new startups).

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Download Set Me Up in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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Find Set Me Up at the website, Instagram and Facebook.

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