Could you meet your soulmate through Orangetheory? These couples found love at first row


OrangeTheory 1 Could you meet your soulmate through Orangetheory? These couples found love at first row
Hayden Stewart and Dylan Haraway found date night under the orange lights. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Falling in love at a coffee shop might only happen in romantic comedies, but meeting your special someone at the gym is more common than you think. Birmingham’s Hayden Stewart and Dylan Haraway and Auburn’s Raven Pyle and Will Livingston are saying “I do” to Orangetheory. Keep reading to see how they’ve been chasing goals and love at the gym.

Lifting weights and hearts

Hayden was the person to set Dylan up on a blind date with Orangetheory. He’d heard a few things about it, but wasn’t entirely sure what to expect walking into his first class.

It was love at first sight—he signed up after one class and the couple’s journey with Orangetheory took off. Now, it’s become an integral part of their relationship.

“If we weren’t coming to Orangetheory we wouldn’t see each other as much. It’s not just working out—it’s our whole lives.”

Dylan Harraway

Since both Hayden and Dylan work jobs with long hours, sometimes Orangetheory is the only time they’re able to see each other. Luckily, each workout comes with a built-in date night.

But, it’s not the only reason working out together has been good for their relationship. Hayden says it doesn’t matter if you’re not lifting a super heavy weight or running at lighting speed, just seeing each other strive to do their best is amazing to watch.

“I love seeing each other be active. It’s nice to see the other person working hard to look good and feel good.”

Hayden Stewart

Runnin’ on Orangetheory love 🏃‍♂️ 💖

Orangetheory love, couple running, two people running on treadmills
Chasing goals & hearts. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

We know having a fitness buddy can be great for motivation and the coaches at Orangetheory definitely help you crush that workout, but who better than your significant other? If love doesn’t push you to get a great workout in, I don’t know what will.

Like a relationship, the more you put into the workout the more you get out. As a former athlete and current football coach, Orangetheory is an ideal match for Dylan’s competitive nature.

“If you want to have something that’s really fun to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend show up and do it. Also, there’s a community here. I’ve been here multiple times where I’m on a treadmill and trying to set a record and I have people next to me saying, ‘let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.'”

Dylan Harraway

The relationship extends beyond the studio, too. Hayden and Dylan became great motivators for each other to continue fitness goals when it comes to other aspects, like healthy eating.

“I think it’s been good for us as a couple. When we come, after we work out, we say, ‘Okay, let’s eat something healthy.’ Some weeks he’ll meal prep other weeks I’ll meal prep. We try to help each other out with eating healthy so the results will show.”

Hayden Stewart

Need some inspo for your next date? Check out Hayden and Dylan’s recommendations:

And I would *run 500 miles 🎶

Talk about a meet-cute. Raven and Will are members of Orangetheory’s Auburn studio. They joined at different times but happened to cross paths when Raven switched to an earlier class and their hands reached for the same treadmill.

It wasn’t long before their competitive natures turned into a daily challenge lasting over several months. The two pushed each other to become faster and in July of 2019, they each hit a PR (Personal Record) on their mile benchmark together in under six minutes.

“This competitive relationship developed into a friendship and eventually a decision to date. It was not long before we realized the potential in taking our way of challenging and supporting each other at the gym into our day to day lives.

I have been able to live out ‘More Life’ with a weight loss total of 75 pounds, completing a 10-mile Tough Mudder with a team from our studio, and a more active lifestyle that includes 5k runs with my now future wife. We are a team both in and out of the gym, working together to maintain our health and wellness in a very busy season of life.”

Will Livingston

Get to know Will and Raven:

  • Favorite Orangetheory Exercise: Raven: Running on an Endurance Day. Will: (Pre-Covid19) 3G and Tornado.
  • First date: “A dinner in downtown Opelika that went anything but to plan, until Will surprised me with Bruster’s Birthday Cake ice cream on my porch swing.”
  • Go-to cheat meal: Raven: Bruster’s birthday cake ice cream for me. 🎂 Will: Johnny Brusco’s large thin crust meat lover’s pizza with pineapple

From power rows to power couple

Orangetheory love
Congratulations on your PR Raven and Will…oh yeah, and also on the engagement! Photo via Raven Pyle and Will Livingston

But their relationship didn’t end when the All Out did. Will proposed on January 7, 2020, at Raven’s house in Auburn, AL. Through all the craziness of 2020 and the excitement of marriage, the community Will and Raven found at Orangetheory always stays consistent.

“The community, energy, and accountability at Orangetheory help us continue to meet our fitness goals. Even in a year of moving houses, building our own wedding venue, unpredictable wedding planning, full-time jobs and a doctoral program, Will and I love that we can just show up knowing that for one hour we can pour into ourselves surrounded by the kind of positivity that changes the world.”

Raven Pyle

Afraid of commitment? Try your first class for free

Orangetheory love
Orangetheory love could be the next “Married at First Sight.” Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Whether you’re looking for your OTP at OTF or are only trying to focus on yourself right now, go on a first-date with Orangetheory. Sign up for your first class for FREE at one of these local studios (no strings attached 😉):

Head over to Orangetheory’s website for more information. Plus don’t forget to follow along with this Birmingham resident’s fitness journey as she tackled the Transformation Challenge.

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orangetheory Could you meet your soulmate through Orangetheory? These couples found love at first row
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