ASH Ventures to invest $40M in Birmingham’s BLOX

BLOX warehouse photo
This investment in BLOX will lead to great growth. Photo via BLOX

Bessemer-based BLOX has been making Birmingham proud with their innovative approach to construction. With a newly announced $40 million investment from ASH Ventures, they will continue to make a big impact on our community and beyond.

Innovating Construction One BLOX at a Time

group photo of BLOX team
The BLOX team is doing amazing things. Photo via BLOX

BLOX is a team of architects, engineers, manufacturers, builders, logisticians, computer programmers and more who work together to bring new ideas to the construction industry. With over 400 people, BLOX manufactures complete modules that can then be inserted as one whole piece in the construction of a building. This company is truly proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Their dedicated team has sacrificed time with their families, holidays, weekends and health to change a legacy industry. With their efforts, they’ve made BLOX look like an overnight success. In reality, it’s taken passion and hard work from hundreds of people to get there.

“That team… have made this thing look like it’s successful quickly, but it’s a lot of people and a lot of time and a lot of hard work to get there.”

Chris Giattina, CEO, BLOX

Along with their growth, they’re innovating solutions in the fight against COVID-19. As we reported in March, the designers and builders at BLOX didn’t hesitate to create a prototype for Mobile Isolation Care Units (MICU).

BLOX is based in the old Pullman Standard train car factory in Bessemer, so they can bring every aspect of the process of building under one roof. Their Design Manufacture Construct (DMC) method combines manufacturing and technology to make construction simple.

The $40M Investment Will Accelerate BLOX’s Mission

BLOX Bessemer warehouse
BLOX warehouse in Bessemer. Photo via blox

ASH Ventures, a strategic investment firm based in Atlanta, announced the $40M investment in BLOX to allow them to expand production capacity. Over the last year, BLOX has seen an increase of 200%.

With this minority investment, they will continue growing to meet the needs of their Fortune 500 clients, including Walmart Health, HCA Healthcare, Universal Health Services, and Encompass Health. Due to the nature of the investment, the control will remain firmly rooted in Birmingham.

Partnering with ASH accelerates our ability to achieve BLOX’s mission of 2x2x2—delivering buildings at twice the speed, twice the quality and with twice the value of traditional approaches.

Chris Giattina, CEO, Blox

Building the Future

BLOX construction
The workers at BLOX are building great things. Photo via BLOX

Aside from their contributions to the healthcare field, BLOX is giving back to their surrounding community. Their team’s work includes rebuilding and replacing run-down housing stock in Bessemer in order to rebuild the community. It’s clear that the dedicated BLOX team is passionate about reinvesting in the community they sit in.

This $40M investment is a great step in their goal of making BLOX—and Birmingham—better.

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