UAB joins local hospitals as awardees of Women’s Choice Award for “Best Hospital”

A healthcare worker searching through supplies. UAB
UAB healthcare staff is working hard through the pandemic. Photo via UAB Medicine’s Facebook

Birmingham is known for its outstanding medical care. In the latest accolade for the city, the Women’s Choice Award deemed UAB “Best Hospital” for six different areas. UAB joins many Birmingham medical care facilities to receive awards from the national organization.

Before we dive in, here’s more background on The Women’s Choice Award

The Women’s Choice Award identifies the best brands, companies and healthcare facilities empowering women and men. Its goal is to simplify choices for consumers whether it comes to shopping, receiving medical attention and more.

“The Women’s Choice Award for Best Hospitals,” specifically, is a credential that identifies that nation’s most outstanding hospitals. To choose awardees, the organization taps publicly available information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

It also uses information and surveys from thousands of women to determine which measures are most important to them. That being said, only the nation’s best hospitals receive this coveted credential.

2021 winners and beyond 🏅

UAB, The Women's Choice Award
UAB. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

By appearing on the Best Hospitals list, these following areas at UAB are considered to represent the top 10% of hospital practices across the country.

  1. Obstetrics
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Heart care
  4. Stroke care
  5. Cancer care
  6. Breast care

But that’s not all, folks

The Women's Choice Award
St. Vincent’s has also won several awards from The Women’s Choice Award. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

When Birmingham wins, it wins big time. Check out the following local hospitals and the areas where they’ve received awards from The Women’s Choice Award.

Wait, there’s more!

Have you seen all of the other ways local hospitals were recognized in past years? Read more about our top-notch facilities:

For more information on UAB’s win, head to their site. To see what other hospitals received awards from The Women’s Choice Award, check out this page.

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