Catch a movie on the lawn + more October 16th at Vulcan Park & Museum


The Vulcan statue at Vulcan Park and Museum
Catch a thirty-minute screening of the history of women’s voting rights Oct. 9th. Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

Voting is on everyone’s mind nowadays and we’re all looking forward to our voices being heard. But what about the leaders who advocated for our right to vote—specifically women’s right to vote? Check out Vulcan Park & Museum’s outdoor movie event and screening of “The Fight for the Noblest Democracy: Women’s Suffrage in Alabama” on October 16th. Keep reading for the deets.

Let’s go to the movies 🎬

The entrance at Vulcan Park and Museum
Get your tickets online or at the entrance. Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

Vulcan Park & Museum is bringing food, drinks and lots of fun next Friday, October 16, so make sure to clear your calendar. Take a trip up to the iron giant overlooking the Magic City to enjoy one of three screenings of the short film “The Fight for the Noblest Democracy: Women’s Suffrage in Alabama”. Tickets are only $5 for adults and $4 for children ages 4 – 12. Kids 4 and under are free.

This thirty-minute documentary by Jenna M. Bedsole transports us to a historical moment many of us may take for granted—the national suffrage movement. Exercising our right to vote seems like a no-brainer for some of us, but it wouldn’t be a reality without the leaders of the suffrage movement and those who fought for women’s right to vote.

This short film lets us see the movement from a local viewpoint as it takes a deep dive into the role Alabama played. Not only does it include the triumphs and disappointments of those who fought for equality, but it also lets us peek through the lens of those who opposed the expansion of women’s right to vote.

“I’m excited to understand the history and the influence of Alabama women. That’s the focus of this film and our exhibit. I may not be from here but I love Birmingham. I was amazed when I went through the exhibit. As I read about the phenomenal women in Alabama, it made me proud to be a resident. I hope this sparks meaningful conversations throughout the community.”

LaShana Sorrell, Vulcan Park & Museum Director of Brand Engagement

After the movie, visitors have the chance to explore Vulcan Museum and the “Right or Privilege: Alabama Women and the Vote” exhibit. It commemorates the 2020 centennial anniversary of when women officially gained the right to vote in 1920.

As society shifted toward granting women’s right to vote, the victory marked an end to one three-generation struggle, but was just the beginning for women of color to ensure their exercise to vote.

Before I get on a soap box, may I just say that this exhibit is powerful and takes us on a journey that tells the stories of suffragists in Alabama. The exhibit won’t be here for much longer, so make sure you stop by this fall and winter before it’s gone.

Change up your routine

Right or Privilege exhibit at Vulcan Park and Museum
The “Right or Privilege” exhibit goes hand-in-hand with the short film. Make sure to check it out before Jan. 3, 2021. Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

Nothing beats getting out of your routine and enjoying a movie outside, especially in this fall weather. Come for the movie, but stay for all that Vulcan has to offer—like food, drinks and the museum itself.

During the movie, you can snack on Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn, a local black-owned business with flavors that will put traditional movie popcorn to shame. There will also be a snack kiosk with beer, wine and Steel City Pops to satisfy your sweet tooth—just in case you need a little extra relaxation.

Whether you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family, friends or partner, this event will be the perfect way to ring in the weekend. This event will practice social distancing to keep everyone safe. All you need is a lawn chair, blanket, your dinner and good vibes.

“Our goal is for people to understand the impact of women and the determination they had to accomplish the goal of voting rights for all. It is fitting for Vulcan to host events such as this to educate future generations on our region’s rich history.”

LaShana Sorrell, Vulcan Park & Museum Director of Brand Engagement

The deets + tickets 🎟️

View of Birmingham at Vulcan Park and Museum
Let’s not forget the stellar views of Bham! Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

All seating is first-come, first-served on Vulcan Park & Museum’s lawn. Your ticket includes a screening of “The Fight for the Noblest Democracy: Women’s Suffrage in Alabama,” access to explore the “Right or Privilege: Alabama Women and the Vote” exhibit and a trip up to the observation deck.

  • Where: Vulcan Park & Museum
  • Showtimes: 6:30PM | 7:30PM | 8:30PM
  • Get your tickets now or purchase at entrance

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